Machinarium now comes also to Amazon Fire TV, Kindle Fire and Fire Phone. The game is well optimized for all Amazon devices. You can control it with Game Controler or Fire TV Remote on the Fire TV and enjoy the game on big screen or you can play on all Kindle Fire tablets and Fire phone.



Well, it took us a while to port Botanicula for iPad (2 years to be more specific) but it’s finally out. It’s almost the same like the original PC and Mac version, we just improved the control design so it’s more convenient for fingers and also the graphics is in higher resolution so it looks great on Retina displays. Get it on App Store for 5 bucks.

Prepare your fingers! Botanicula for iPad will be available on App Store Thursday May 1. Android version is in the works too.


Machinarium is finally available also on Windows Phone, Windows RT and Windows 8 tablets and PCs.
It has pinch-to-zoom feature, achievements (4 brand new exclusively for Windows platforms) and the tablet/PC version has support for both touch and mouse control.


Berta is finally available in our web store! You can also order Berta + Josef combo for slightly discounted price. Both toys are hand-made in Czech Republic.


(this picture is fan-art based on Machinarium created by unknown talent)

Machinarium is finally ready  and released also for iPhone. It’s called Machinarium Pocket Edition and it’s currently on sale for $1.99 (normal price is $2.99). It’s well playable with pinch-to-zoom feature, improved graphics, achievements and other improvements.  

If you already own Machinarium for iPad, you don’t need to buy it again for your iPhone because the game is now Universal App. The new version  includes:
+ Universal App (you can play it also on your iPhone)
+ Pinch-to-zoom 
+ Supports iPad1 
+ Retina Graphics 
+ Achievements, Game Center, iCloud. 
! Please note that your old saves from 1.X version will not work, but you can use the “Lost Save” functionality within the game to partially recover your position (there are 6 pre-saved positions from various parts of the game). 

Sometimes you have to make really crazy things to win over your inner fears and daemons which hide behind the masks, at least in dreams! Check out this new Floex video for his classic track “Veronika’s Dream” from the album “Zorya”.


We are delighted to announce new record by Tomáš Dvořák aka Floex (author of Amanita Design soundtracks – Machinarium, Samorost II, Questionaut…)

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Botanicula and other four great games are now part of the new Humble Weekly Sale Bundle. Don’t miss Thomas Was Alone which is overall fantastic and Amnesia, possibly the most creepy game ever made. Part of the money also goes to charity: water.