You can now pre-order Machinarium and you will be sent the download link with the final version of the game as soon as it’s officially released (which is planned for October 2009).

Pre-ordering has several advantages:

  • You’ll save $3.  The price is now $17 instead of $20 after releasing.
  • You will immediately receive “Pre-order Pack” which includes 5 hi-res pictures and 5 MP 3 tracks from Machinarium Soundtrack.
  • With the game you will get also Machinarium Soundtrack by Floex.
  • You will feel great by supporting indie developers;)

1. Pace
July 4, 2009

Pre-order placed!

I expect this will be my favorite game of the year! I’m looking forward to it immensely! And bonus — it’ll come out just in time for my birthday!

The screenshots are beautiful, and I’m sure the finished product will be excellent. Thanks for adding to the beauty in the world, and for creating a stunning indie game that will help gain more respect and notability for all indie developers.

Cheers! (:

2. iakchos
July 5, 2009

Thank you so much for this. cant wait till the release.

3. rubbermuck
July 5, 2009

Will the game run on a macbook pro? (latest OS) It might be more convincing if you included an estimate for the spec-range.

4. Lygner
July 5, 2009

The games looks great! I just have one question, will this be relased on other download services, like Steam? Or can you only buy it throught the website.

Thanks for the game, can’t wait till october.

5. FatMat
July 6, 2009

Done. I loved your previous games and i’m eager to see Machinarium. Work hard guys ;)

6. Jakub Dvorsky
July 6, 2009

rubbermuck: yes, it should run well on macbook pro. we don’t know the exact hardware requirements yet but it should run fine on any PC or Mac with 1.5 GHz CPU or better. It won’t need any special graphic card.

lygner: it will be available also on other download services like Steam, Direct2Drive, Impulse and GamersGate. however only at our website you will get some bonus pack;)

7. Yura
July 6, 2009

Great news! One question: is it preorder only for the English version? can I preorder the Russian localization?

8. Jakub Dvorsky
July 6, 2009

pre-order is only for English version but it means that in the game will be a few tutorial sentences and some short texts in the menu in English. besides that the whole game is completely without words. all the communication between characters is done by animations and symbols, so don’t be afraid of the English version:)

9. Yura
July 6, 2009

>all the communication between characters is done by animations and symbols
Nice solution. So there is no reason to do not preorder ;)
Thanks for the answer.

10. Johannes
July 6, 2009

Is there any chance for a Linux version? Machinarium looks very promising, but wine doesn’t always work well enough to play Windows games. :-(

11. Jakub Dvorsky
July 6, 2009

Johannes: we hope to release Linux version along with Windows and Mac versions, unfortunately I cannot confirm that yet.

12. Johannes
July 6, 2009

That’s nice to hear! I want to support this effort and I pre-ordered a minute ago. If you need a hand with Linux compatibility testing, I would be happy to assist you.

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14. Level1Alt
July 9, 2009

Hello, are you guys planning iPhone / iPod Touch version?

15. Jakub Dvorsky
July 9, 2009

iPhone version would be nice but first we need to finish the PC and Mac version and then we’ll see what else can we do with it.

16. MacHeadCase
July 9, 2009

I have pre-ordered Machinarium and await its release. How could I not do this? I have been following Amanita since the first installment of Samorost and truly love everything Amanita does, it is pure genius.

17. Lola
July 10, 2009

I am a great fan of Amanita Design. I love all of your work that I have seen so far. I have just pre-ordered Machinarium and look forward to it’s release. Just one question. Will I be able to get it on cd so that I can put it on my computer at home (don’t have internet there). I got Samorost 2 that way.

18. hanabi
July 12, 2009

I have pre-ordered Machinarium for myself and would also like to pre-order another copy as a gift. How should I do this? Would normal ordering with replacing my email address with the address of the recipient of the gift work?

19. Jakub Dvorsky
July 12, 2009

Lola: yes, you will be able to burn it on CD as you did with Samorost2.

hanabi: yes, just enter the email address of your friend instead of yours. thanks!

20. Lola
July 16, 2009

Can I pre-order Machinarium without giving an e-mail address? Will I be able to order for someone that doesn’t have e-mail?

21. Luis
July 16, 2009

Is impressive the graphic style, artistic and manual with an intuitive interaction, congratulations to Amanita Crew for this game, i pre-order and waiting the release, greetings.

22. medication
July 17, 2009

Hola! desde america latina!

Al comprar el juego, entregas el dico fisico?(caja, cd, artworck, etc) o solo es por descarga? de algun link…

Felicidades por hacer verdadero arte.

23. Enginue
July 25, 2009


24. Trial
July 29, 2009

This brings me to an idea:…

25. Matesko
August 3, 2009

One question: is soundtrack of Machinarium with final version (not pre-order) or only with pre-order?

26. alexander
August 7, 2009

My preorder is in! I sat down yesterday evening with the music from the pre-order pack and programmed for several hours. Perfect music for work sessions. Soothing. Relaxing. I’m looking forward to the game.

27. Diarmaid
August 7, 2009

Do you plan to release it on Steam? That’s where I buy most of my games. Most of the biggest Indie games are there too. Can’t wait for this game!

28. max
August 9, 2009

Recently bought the preorder and really enjoy listening to the music, especially the relaxing first 3 tracks :). Take your time and release the game when it’s done, I’ soo looking forward to playing it already :).

(BTW, according to fastspring’s website, the are only fining “5.9% plus $.95″ (=~2$) per transaction for their e-sell infrastructure. So Amanita Design gets 15€ of 17€ or nearly 90% of the money you pay (well, excluding VAT). I’m sure that’s more than they can earn per sell in Steam, so everyone who doesn’t need a boxed set and has either credit card or a paypal account should really buy directly from here as this gets the developers the biggest share of what you pay :).
Of course having it in other online shops later one will increase their exposure, but i think it’s wise of them to to pre-orders only here so they get the most out of it :).)

Well, enough on that, and again, I’m gleefully looking forward to diving into the world of Machinarium :).

29. Ash
August 10, 2009

I’m hesitant to pre-order this, because I want my Floex soundtrack on actual disk, not as a download. Will this happen?

Also, it never occurred to me to mention this to you, but check out my site

30. LSP4823
August 12, 2009

Does Machinarium will be available for MACOS?

31. Andrés
August 14, 2009

Put it on Steam and I will certainly buy it. It will also help you reach more costumers, trust me, I’ve bought 10 indie games throught Steam, and I really enjoyed all of them, and I could had never found out about them if it wasn’t because I use Steam.

32. Jakub Dvorsky
August 14, 2009

Andrés: it will be on Steam.
LSP4823: yes, it will be available for MacOS
Ash: the soundtrack will be available in high quality MP3 format so you can burn it on CD then:) I can’t confirm actual CD version.

33. J-Boy
August 17, 2009

Just placed my pre-order. The game should be awesome :)

34. twiter
August 30, 2009

I hope you do not mind if I posted a link on digg

35. Andre Reis
September 15, 2009

Hey, I have a question for you guys. Did some of you ever play that very, very old game called “The Neverhood”, starring Klaymen?

Fantastic little game with an amazing (and very odd) soundtrack by Terry S. Taylor. And somehow, Machinarium reminded me of it.

Fond memories. I just pre-ordered, very happy for the Mac version. Cheers

36. Jakub Dvorsky
September 17, 2009

hey Andre,
we are glad you like The Neverhood – of course we know it, it classic and the soundtrack is phenomenal:)

37. Andre Reis
September 17, 2009

To hear that somehow makes me even more eager to get my hands on Machinarium :) keep up the phenomenal work, cheers

38. Anthony
September 18, 2009

I’d love to pre-order, and will certainly invest in this incredible looking title, however, I am wondering whether a soundtrack will be available through the STEAM purchase? I suppose I like steam because i tend to misplace things ;p

39. Jakub Dvorsky
September 19, 2009

the soundtrack will be available probably only as a bonus when you’ll buy the game at our website. I understand you like Steam, but we want to convince people to buy it on our site as we have more money from it then when you’ll buy it from Steam.

40. Anthony
September 19, 2009

Yes that makes sense, and the music is quite phenomenal and unique. I believe I will pre-order. Thanks for all the hard work!

41. Perry
September 28, 2009

I pre-ordered it just because of the Mac version. Gotta support Mac devs out of principle. And the game looks cool and fun.

42. mary
October 1, 2009

Gorgeous game. I preordered all the way from New Zealand – great soundtrack, too! Keep up the good work!

43. Dang Pham
October 2, 2009

I’ve just placed the pre-order and can’t wait to get the full release!

44. jia
October 3, 2009

Good to see this game in the world.
I love the game tons!
can’t wait to see your publish!!
from Taiwan~

45. Ktoso
October 3, 2009

Hello dear devs!
The game looks really unique and fun – hope it’ll be long too :-) Thanks a LOT for offering the soundtrack, that’s actually why I decided to preorder – love gamesoundtracks, especialy with this kind of “feel”. Can’t wait for the final release.

PS: Please support Linux in the future. It’s in flash anyways so why not drop in a linux installer and call it “supported”? :-)

46. Eli
October 8, 2009

Just pre-ordered. My brother got me to play the demo and we both really enjoyed it, also loved the cool soundtrack!

Looking forward to the full thing. Hopefully I can download for Mac and PC.

47. SomeGuy
October 13, 2009

I have a question before I panic this Friday.
How do we claim the game we pre-order when it is released?

48. Jakub Dvorsky
October 13, 2009

you will receive an email, no worries.

49. Mellowdrone
October 14, 2009

Jakub Dvorsky

you’re a genius, you’re a god, greetings from Spain.

I’ll buy the version for Mac

50. Leo Cavallino
October 15, 2009

One of the best game I’ve ever seen in my life (near 50 y.o.), poetic and romatic.
Standing ovation!!!


51. - Machinarium Demo
October 19, 2009

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