The Machinarium Soundtrack is included in the game, if you buy it directly on our website. If you buy game on services like Steam the soundtrack is not included but it is still possible to get it if you are interested. Please check the website in week or subscribe to Floex mailing list to let you know, when it is available.

You can get it here: Check this link if you are interested in flac version too.

It is maybe good to point out, that the music is not totally the same as in the game. It was carefully re-mixed and mastered for the purposes of the “standalone soundtrack”. Moreover some songs were rearranged to work on its own…

There are not all the songs on the soundtrack, because i felt some songs didn’t fit to the general mood and the flow of the album – so i decided to omit them.

Good new is that we are planning small bonus album EP with 5 extra songs for free download including the one with the robot band, pipe wrench dubstep, or the song from the lift by the wall… so please stay tuned!


/this messages was updated on Oct 28, 2009

1. /\\/
October 17, 2009

I have the soundtrack, but I can not find the song from outside elevator. Is this song available?

2. alex
October 17, 2009

very cool! but does this soundtrack have ALL the music/ambience from the game? it seems some is missing, like the music the robots dance to

3. Loren
October 17, 2009

It was disappointing to find out that the soundtrack was not included with the Steam version. I wonder if they could contact Valve and ask them to include it?

4. Derek
October 17, 2009

Just finished the game…absolutely loved it…wonderful work mates. Have the soundtrack but I would KILL for the robot band song.

5. Jakub
October 17, 2009

Oh, Please ! I love this game ! It is so magical and beautifull ! I want more !

ps. I would KILL too for the robot band song, it was awsome !

respect to amanita design !

6. Muscar
October 17, 2009

Is there a way I can get the robot band song? It’s awesome and it was very disappointing that it wasn’t included in the soundtrack.

As seen in the comments, that song is a loved one :)

7. /\\/
October 18, 2009

Yes, all music/ambience from machinarium is in game subdirectory “11”. You must copy all files and rename to *.mp3

8. Iori
October 18, 2009

What a wonderful and dreaming game! This is definitely my best favorite. And was kinda funny to see people seeking for the robot band song just as I do. Thanks to /\\/, I won’t have to kill anyone. Seems the file “01010001.001” is the one and we got a bunch of other missings from the soundtrack in that directory.

9. Andre Reis
October 18, 2009

I would also love to have the robot band song =) I know you can find it under ’11’, but an extended edit would be really nice. Sweet sax!

10. Fonce Falooda
October 18, 2009

Thanks for the secret to Folder 11! All copied and renamed. Calling it the Machinarium “Binary” Soundtrack! :D

11. Duke
October 19, 2009

Sounds great, can’t wait to hear it….just as soon as I get that far…I’m really struggling with frying that cat…I must be missing something…AND I need to work out how to get some money to buy stuff, still, at least the guy on the saxophone can now play it, that was tough beating the draughts dude (tic -tac-toe to the non English).

12. Eric
October 19, 2009

I agree, an extended Version of the Robot Band Song would really be great.

13. myk
October 19, 2009

I tried looking a particular song from the outside elevator, where you first see the robot girlfriend, but didn’t find it in folder 11. Anyone know how i could obtain this song?

14. Loren
October 20, 2009

Thanks, /\\/ ! I don’t know how you figured that out, but great find.

15. Habboi
October 20, 2009

Uh Myk, 10000000.mp3 seems to be the one.

16. Peter
October 20, 2009

Yeah nice work “/\\/” :D
I figured that the .001 extensions had to be different extensions originally, but I didn’t come up with .mp3 yet :P

Furthermore, the “10” folder contains .swf’s of all the walkthrough pages!

17. James Clayton
October 20, 2009

I just clicked through on that link to subscribe and saw that you’re presenting the soundtrack at the Bradford Animation Festival. For moment I got very excited. But it’s first thing in the morning, and I probably won’t be back from helping my sister move house the day before. Oh no!

18. Koso
October 20, 2009

would love to buy soundtrack i found the 11 file and change the extensions but it still feels like some of the songs were just parts of the song for example: Tomas Dvorak – Mr. Handagote was not the whole song a lot of it was left out.

19. Alex
October 20, 2009

Is there any way the additional tracks in folder 11 be released at a higher quality? it is at 160 kbps, and the purchased soundtrack is 256 kbps.

would be even nicer at 320 even if possible!

20. Nacho
October 22, 2009

You can buy it here:
£3,99 (4,4€)
Highly recommended.

21. Foolbunny
October 22, 2009

I am loving the game and the soundtrack is a huge part of it, have played through 3 times in two days already… I was disappointed that the band’s song wasn’t on the soundtrack (but understand the aesthetic choice to leave it off), what a relief that I came here and then found it in the sub folder! Is there any plan to release soundtracks for the other Amanita games (like Samarost *hint hint*)?

22. Hill
October 24, 2009

LOVE the game, and the soundtrack.

Does Tomas Dvorak have other CDs for sale or download somewhere? Playing this game has basically want to buy everything he’s ever done.

23. Meinert
October 24, 2009

Absolutely wonderful game! Graphics, animation, soundtrack – everything is such a treat! Congratulations to all you brilliant creators of this game!

24. CySiu
October 26, 2009

MUSIC , SOUND , GRAPHICS , ANIMATION LOVLEY !!!!!!!! . Congratulations to all you brilliant creators of this game! MORE MORE MORE GAMES like this :D:D

25. Amac
November 1, 2009

How come the song when you are on the gas powered lift and you run into your Robot girlfriend, Why isnt that with the soundtrack? I lOVED that song!!!

26. spazzium
November 15, 2009

You guys are making it really easy to steal this music. Why should I be required to make a full account just to pay 6 dollars? What a ridiculous expectation.

27. Zfor
December 23, 2009

@spazzium: I guess Amanita just didn’t want to protect the music. If you like their stuff, you buy it, if you don’t, you won’t buy it. It as simple as that.

PS.: 6 bucks are not a big deal for such great music, imho.

28. Deze Nutz
February 19, 2010

Amazing game, amazing soundtrack!! The three robot musicians were reminiscent, I thought, of the three musicians outside the museum in Prisoner of Ice.. :) When you go outside the city walls on the lift and you reach robot-girl, the music is outstanding, bit like taxi-driver soundtrack, but more uplifting.. beautiful

29. evil_space_cows
June 30, 2010

will the soundtrack ever be made available to those who purchased the game over steam at no extra charge? Because omitting bonus material because I bought the game new through a third party retailer is pretty crappy.

30. jie
November 15, 2010

thank you for your creative! this is the most beautiful game i have ever see ,how can you image such lovly pictures?!i mean every charactor have their personatlity , made by metel , but emotionly ! it take me to my childhood,i love this game, i alse like the music in the game very much . by the way ,the puzzle is realy hard ,

31. HS
December 17, 2010

Hi Tomas, and a big THANK YOU for the incredible sound track! Your music plays such an important role in the game. It’s clearly an important story element. A force of nature that emancipates gray, dull robots and brings them to life again.

However, the EP has been in the planning/making for over a year now. Do you have a release date in mind?

32. theodoros
December 18, 2010

the link doesn’t work for me!

33. HS
December 21, 2010

Oh, the soundtrack bonus EP has already been released! Since there’s no link to the EP on this page, I might as well add it here to help others:

34. Lesley
December 22, 2010

This soundtrack is absolutely beautiful! I didn’t realize it was even released separately, or I would not have bought the game on steam. However, the link to the soundtrack you have posted above isn’t working! :-((

35. Wendi the dream sea drawgoblien
June 18, 2013

So THAT’S why some of the in game soundtracks seem different!!

Personally, I like the in game version of “Mr. Handagote” “The Castle” and “The Black Cap Brotherhood theme” so I was hoping to find a way to get the soundtrack in game without so many of the sound effects…and here’s the explanation! Thanks for posting this information!

36. Dream expert oneirobot drawgoblien
September 17, 2013

What is the voice saying the “Clockwise Operetta”?

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