this one is from Laia Martí. thanks a lot!

1. Zealot
November 14, 2009

Amazing ! :)

2. bruno
November 15, 2009

Wonderful Game!

Do you think it would be possible to have acess to the individual board puzzle games?

Just finished it today, and loved it!

3. Свами
November 15, 2009

Эту хрень (Машинария) ктонибудь, когданибудь проходил? Или я дебил который не может догнать, что дальнейшего пути нет,а бороться с ветряками можно вечно:-) Заранее благодарен.

4. JoLXP
November 15, 2009

it’s the best game i ever played…awesom

5. BolGaRKa
November 21, 2009

я прошла
ищи на сайтах прохрждение, я только так её и прошла))
игруха клёвая)

6. Elvis Brevi
November 21, 2009

very nice!

7. Josef
November 24, 2009

Swami, keep going! It’s more than possible to complete it. It’s the only game I like from all the games in the Universe.

8. oos
November 27, 2009


9. amka13
November 30, 2009

(Svami) some guyz even put walkthrough on YouTube…

10. Ninjakip
December 2, 2009

Is it edible?

11. Kidly
December 5, 2009

Díky za Fantastickou hru… po dlouhé době pravá Adventura…

12. Roland
December 10, 2009

I have played the game three times in a row and still love it !!! Today I bought it a second time as a present for my nephew. Please keep up your great work! I would be looking so much forward to a sequel of ‘machinarium’ -part 2.
Hope you will do that…
Best wishes, Roland

13. Juras
December 17, 2009

A sequel doesn’t sound like a good idea. I think Machinarium should be left as is – one and only. Would love to see your next work. Cheers!

14. online
December 31, 2009

новый год уже вот-вот ))

15. DRIT
January 25, 2010

to: Свами
ja proshla normalno, konechno, nekotorye momenty ochen’ zakovyristye, no vpolne prohodimo)
mozhet, u vas byla versija s gljukami (oni potom patch vypustili). Klassnaja igrushka)

16. frtggh
February 5, 2010


17. Ivan Lapkin
February 15, 2010

Мне вот кажется, что такое написать мог то ли креативный гений, то ли героиновый наркоман :(

18. sweetie
March 29, 2010

Здорово пишете. Приятно читать Ваши статьи.

19. Austin32Lori
April 24, 2010

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