Patch 02 released. Download it here:

Patch 02 for Windows Version

Patch 02 files for Mac and Linux Version

You don’t need this patch if you bought the game after November 28 2009.

Instructions for Mac and Linux  users:
1) open Machinarium folder.
2) open folder 00 and rewrite all older files with the new ones from the patch.
IMPORTANT NOTE: don’ t replace the whole directory but open it and update the files manually.

Issues fixed:
level Waste Dump: fixed logo over game and possibly frozen game while interaction with the rat.
level Furnace Room: interaction with right-side controller is now possible only when really standing near by.
level Alley: fixed possible lost of barrel while stopping game during animation of pulling the barrel from the bar.
level Sewer Room: fixed one incorrect state of water pipes.
level Bar: it’s easier now to beat the “bar bot” in 5-in-a-row game after several looses.

If you don’t have Patch 01 you can download it here.

1. Zjeraar
November 30, 2009

Thanks for the patch. Too bad you felt the urge to dance to the mainstream gamer’s tune and make the 5-in-a-row game easier than it already was. What’s wrong with a bit of a challenge?

2. Soyek
November 30, 2009

Agree, too bad.
I don’t know, it wasn’t that hard, was it?
In fact, when playin’ the game for the 1st time, I beat the bot twice, ‘cos I wanted to be sure one’s enough and that I won’t get anything more from him :P

…am I right there was an “arcade-game-locked book of cheats aka storyboard” for this one also?
Oh, come on. Is there really so many people out there finding it that hard?

3. AlexB
November 30, 2009

I think for Amanita Design to simplify the 5-in-a-row game was a wise choice.

Read through the bitter complaints posted on the Machinarium forum about the perceived difficulty of the 5-in-a-row game and you can then understand why Amanita Design had probable cause for dumbing it down.

Note that it’s not “mainstream gamers” who do puzzles in their sleep that complained but casual passerbys that discovered Machinarium and were drawn to the game for the sheer beauty of the artistic production. They were the ones that were most put off by 5-in-a-row and the ones for whom that one puzzle soured the entire Machinarium gaming experience.

4. Marcos A.T. Silva
December 1, 2009

I bought the game through Steam. Will the patch be automatically applied through Steam client? :)

5. joanlies
December 1, 2009

I have to ask something. I bought the game 25th november. If I download again from the link from email, Will it be the new version or the old one?

6. Zjeraar
December 1, 2009


Yeah, I guess you’re right. Someone recorded his first play through of Machinarium and put the results on YouTube and this was the one mini game he found really hard to solve. I can see now how it’s not up to par with the difficulty of the rest of the game.

I also think I should have said “casual gamer” instead of “mainstream gamer”.

It’s something personal, really. I dislike getting the patch, because I know that, while some annoying bugs will be fixed, the game will become a bit less challenging at the same time.

December 2, 2009

why not fixed bug??!!
You must fixed level with the bird!!!
that would be easier to tear the wire!

8. davis
December 3, 2009

Not sure how I feel, but won 5 in-a-row finally, as well. Wish there was a way of choosing difficulty. I liked the fact that the game felt like a real contest and not a puzzle.
Still in the game. Enjoying it.

9. alex
December 7, 2009


skvělá hra. Jen bych chtěl požádat o informaci co se týka uložených pozic hry. Dělal jsem zálohu a přecházel na nové PC. Hru jsem měl rozehranou. Takže jsem zálohoval adresář s hrou a pak pro jistotu celý profil ve windows (documents and settings/nazev_profilu/). Přesto když zapnu hru, tak uložené pozice nemám, pouze nabídka “Start new game”…což je hodně blbé, protože jsem byl už za půlkou hry a znovu se mi to moc hrát nechce :-/.

Díky za pomoc. Jen tak dál, grafiku chválím nejvíc – tento styl je prostě super. Dále pak nezapojení dialogů u klasických point-and-click her je fajn. Zbytečně to zdržuje a bubliny se stručným, ale výstižným obsahem jsou plně dostačující. V neposlední řadě hudební pozadí hry – taky na jedničku!

/ps : doufám, že vyjde Machinarium 2 :-)

10. AlexB
December 7, 2009


Ahoj. Soubor, který hledáte, se nazývá “Machinarium.sol”

Na počítači se systémem Windows, cesta k souboru, je pravděpodobné,
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\random_word\localhost\Program Files\Machinarium\machinarium.exe\Machinarium.sol

Hodně štěstí, PS Omlouvám se za své chudé české, to je generováno počítačem. :-)

11. reyrtwh
December 9, 2009

Really really thank you for do this game =)

12. Max.W
December 9, 2009

I brought this game and totally love it, my son’s always asking me to play it every time I come home from work. If this game was made for the iphone/ipod touch it would be a real hit! I was recently given an ipod touch as a gift and think its awesome, when I play your game I’m always thinking in the back of my mind how awesome this would be on this platform.

Anyways thanks so much for creating such a amazing game, I can’t say enough how great it is.

13. Ann A
December 24, 2009

Please do advise regarding need to install updates. Just purchased the game today. Are these patches still needed?

14. Oxman
February 14, 2010

Can you work a patch for people who carry netbooks with a resolution of 1024×576

I have seen through googling that others are having the same issue of not being able to pull up menu on bottom of screen…

15. Lachlan
February 19, 2010

I purchased this game as part of the ‘indie love bundle’ after reading about the game on boing boing, and then subsequently seeing the bundle advertised on boing boing.

On my desktop it works beautifully, but I too have an eee running 1024 x 600 and cannot save or load games… this is SOOOOOOOOO frustrating!!

Otherwise I love this game, and it is the first one I’ve bought in about 5 years!

16. ondřej
March 2, 2010

Good news from you!

BTW, is the amd64 Linux build coming?

I think you should consider Nokia N900 port as well, there’s not much competition on the platform yet. I don’t know about power and resolution, though. Could Machinarium fit into 800*480?

17. Pembry
April 11, 2010

Im trying to direct the subcontrolled oilcan, (for luring the dog out) but its not responding to the controls (left and right buttons), and the “play” button doesent even gets pressed down. is this a bug?

Love the game!


18. Jirka
April 20, 2010

Dobrý den.
Včera jsem si zakoupil hru Machinarium a Samorost 2.U hry Machinarium se mě stává,že po určité době hraní se mě kousne.Je to velice mrzuté a docela mě to štve.Jak mám mět potom radost z hraní,když po určité době se mě hra kousne.Můžete poradit co s tím?

19. J83
August 13, 2010

I think we need more amanita style game develeopers, now days biggest gaming companies are just pushing out generic games more and more nowdays… and I think that kills creativity slowly of game develeopers. machinarium truly showed own world, and makers soul. I wish I could better praise… dont let pirating or big companies put you down! keep it up! I cant wait see more!

20. andrew
August 29, 2010

best game I’ve played in a while!

21. players 211
September 1, 2010

bug:Props into the disappearance of the church time rocker.

22. Tereza
September 14, 2010

I have the problem with the oil platform. On the control panel the green button doesn’t respond. On the wheel one the left side is still only the top light lighting , even if the arrow in the right wheel is moving.

23. Игорь
October 1, 2010

Бля,хорошо что мне не нужны никакие патчи-хуятчи!

24. Annoying Casual Gamer
November 19, 2010

I guess I’m one of those dreadful, annoying, terrible, awful, neanderthal-like, unconscionable, worthless casual gamers that the original few posts here decry.

Yes, I am /very/ glad that the 5 in a row puzzle was dumbed down. It caused me no end of frustration, and YES, I was attracted to this game because of the visuals. I honestly put it aside and went on with my life because there is a fine line between challenging and insanity inducing. Imagine playing and replaying just this section. Five times. Ten times. A few dozen times, and never making it past?

I also made a point to let /other casual gamers,/ know about that puzzle when hardcore gamers would recommend this game; I’m sure that saved a few people my personal frustration. Unfortunately that probably means that a few people also didn’t buy it.

Now that the difficulty of this puzzle has been reduced, I’m going to give this game another try, and likely I will enjoy it and recommend it to others.

Perhaps that sounds terrible (awful, horrible, etc), but I feel they made the right decision.

25. nowhere
December 20, 2010

So what I’ve been playing is REDUCED difficulty? Dear god. I already find it extremely annoying that the game board disappears as soon as that bloody robot wins (I could swear that he wins with no more than 4 in a row most of the time but since the screen closes immediately I can’t be sure). Add to that the fact that I once got 5 in a row without winning…. then 6 in a row, and the game just kept going until it finally ended with the robot winning with what I think was once again just 4 in a row and I’m nearly ready to just delete the game entirely.

26. Marshall Eisenberg
December 23, 2010

Just finished playing the game! I have to say it was one of the most enjoyable puzzle adventure games that I’ve played in a very, very, very long time!

When will your next game come out?

27. panzi
January 5, 2011

Everyone who wants a *really* hard to beat game that is in the genre of five in a row might want to take a look on a small open source Java game I once wrote:

It’s only four in a row but the game field is 4x4x4. Yes, it is 3D. This makes it a lot more challenging. I only had PvP in mind when I wrote it but I added a simple computer enemy just for fun. Well, simple means I did not write an algorithm that has some weaknesses similar to a human, but instead is (next to?) perfect. However, when I let the computer play against itself in some very rare cases it isn’t a draw. So there is a chance you can beat the computer!

In case you try it, tell me how you like my game. :)

28. Will
January 12, 2011

It’s very nice game !
is there machiranium 2?

29. Simon
August 24, 2011

Hello are there any patches that come after 02?

30. Alan
March 21, 2012

Red handle to turn off shower fountain just vanished still got 2 do I have to restart from umbrella lady.

31. Tasior
January 29, 2013

@nowhere: common – game board with robot is pretty easy – in fact I lost 4 or 5 times, but one u find a tactic it’s quite easy.

MY ONLY PROBLEM with this game – it constantly crashes ;( every 10-15 minutes, I can’t play at all, I see the game on the screen, mouse cursor changes to the OS cursor and I can’t do anything, can’t load or save, can’t move my robot. Only game restart helps, any solutions? (Alt+TAB and Alt+Crtl+Del only helps to close the game, nothing else)

32. Radu Tanasescu
July 7, 2013


I’m using the Mac OS version. I’m not sure which version it was so I applied both patches.

I do still however face a roadblock :( I cannot get passed the jail level. When I stick the others robot arm through the mouse hole the robots in the other cell get scared and the game stops. It doesn’t freeze but I cannot do anything. All I can do is quit and retry.

I have tried about 10 times. Same result :( is there any way to make the game pass that quest?

33. Radu Tanasescu
July 7, 2013

Congratulations by the way :) so far this looks like an amassing game!

34. Radu Tanasescu
July 7, 2013

I managed to get passed the freeze point, I kept trying until it worked :)

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