Demo of PS3 version of Machinarium at the Sony booth at E3. The game will be available on PSN this fall.

1. hengying
June 15, 2011

Why not a iPad version. Waiting for iPad version!

2. Anonymous
June 15, 2011

PS3 VERSION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. germanpie
June 15, 2011

Because it takes time, be patient, they are a team not an american company!

4. Linda
June 15, 2011

Yay yay yay yay!

5. hengying
June 16, 2011

Love Machinarium very much!
Can’t wait to have a iPad version.
I had to upload some screen shots onto iPad, to enjoy the great images.
Please port the Machinarium to iPad.

6. Mary
June 16, 2011

Amanita Design is making problems for us ) earlier I had to carry home that heavy phonograph, to listen to vinyl Machinarium… now I have to bring home PS3, to try it ))
you’re still great, guys

7. Anonymous
June 16, 2011

[…] Demo of PS3 version of Machinarium __________________ Potkan ne potkan, maso je maso […]

8. Carmine
June 18, 2011

porting for psp?

9. panzi
June 21, 2011

@hengying My guess would be there is no iOS version because Apple does not like Flash.

@amanita-design Given all the nice HTML5 demos wouldn’t it be possible to write future games with JavaScript+HTML5 canvas/audio/video? Then it might also run on iOS devices.

10. dengi
June 28, 2011


Indeed, there probably wont be an iPhone/iPod/iPad version since Apple doesnt support Flash on these devices, unless there would happen to be some easy way of converting Flash applications into something Apple supports, complain to Apple about that.

11. Alejandro
June 28, 2011

E3 11: Machinarium Gameplay

12. Marcelo Casimiro
July 9, 2011

mmmuuyy buenooo me encanta en juego y me parece genial que salga para ps3!!! felicitaciones

13. Oldes
July 20, 2011

@9 – No, it would be impossible to make a future game with JS and HTML5 if you consider how many graphics is involved.

@10 – we hope there will be iPad2 version soon. It’s not true that Apple does not support Flash on iOS, it’s just a little bit more complicated to get it there.

14. Ivan
August 8, 2011

@9 panzi, @10 dengi, @13 oldes
I’m not really sure you guys know that you’re saying.
Only Flash in the browser is not supported.
But you can still develop an app in Flash deploy it to the AppStore.
Please do some research next time, before believing everything you hear.

It’s takes less work than you think to rewrite a Flash project for the iPad.

15. ricardo ramirez
August 20, 2011

me gusto y esta muy muy divertido

16. Freeborn
April 29, 2012

I still can’t see Machinarium in the playstation store. Was it cancelled?

17. Carlo S.
May 12, 2012

What about the PS3 version guys? I’m still waiting for it! :)

18. Julia
November 20, 2013

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19. Bailey
November 28, 2013

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20. Natalie
November 30, 2013

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