We just reduced the price of Machinarium on our website from $20 to $10. You’ll still get Windows, Mac and Linux version of the game as well as the original Soundtrack from Tomáš ‘Floex’ Dvořák. Watch for iPad2 version on App Store this Thursday!

1. Dmytro Slyusar
September 5, 2011

Guis, how much do you allready earned on Machinarium?))

2. HengYing
September 5, 2011

I love the great game, I download some screen captures onto iPad to enjoy it.
BUT I can not believe after long time waiting, it only support iPad 2! I have an iPad but not iPad 2!

3. kenkin34
September 6, 2011

If $10 for a much pitter graphic on PC/Mac, then how mcuh will the iPad verison be? 50%off? 60% off? 70% off? $0.99 for a launch price…..just a guess and also a hope!! Hahahaaa

4. joe1964
September 6, 2011

when exit the new Machinarium?

[…] Design, éditeur indépendant tchèque, annonce une baisse du prix de son titre phare, Machinarium, qui passe ainsi de 20 à 10 $. Au taux actuel […]

6. Rafu
September 7, 2011


Go to the AppStore & check :)

7. joe1964
September 8, 2011

I want to know about Machinarium 2 ,if it exist a new adventure game by own.:) Joe

8. Jkinn
September 10, 2011

Game sees buggy. Can’t guide my guy right now. He’s stuck under thew sewer pipe waitn to getbup and throw the marbles down (early stage of the game) and he won’t move anywhere. Thoughts/comments/fixes????

9. Mike Williams
September 13, 2011

Why do you people require my phone number and address to buy Machinarium, using PayPal ?

10. Katie J
September 20, 2011

Dudes, love the style and format of the game but it is really, really glitchy. I can’t even get his left arm outta the oil swamp in the beginning. I have an iPad2 and this has become super frustating. All I want to do is play. Please fix.

11. Smout
October 9, 2011

Jkinn – I am stuck in exactly the same place. Won’t move left or right. Really annoying in a paid for game!

12. djyano
October 12, 2011

when we see Machinarium on PS3 can’t wait …

13. Aust martin
October 28, 2011

Very nice Game ! But i have a Problem to give the Robot in the weehlchair the Oil bottle. I think this is a Bug. Can you please help me?
I Play this Game with my i pad2.

14. Jsé
November 20, 2011

Tout simplement mon jeu préféré !
Superbe réussite : design, ambiance visuelle, ambiance sonore, énigmes, reposant, addictif, énervant, une grande réussite !
Bravo ! J’attends impatiemment la suite !!

Merci pour ce beau travail !!

15. Caribet
April 24, 2012

Love the game but HATE the way it threw away saved games until we managed to find the posts in the blog explaining that it uses Flash Cookies to save progress.
UGH! And no warning or explanation – just vanished saves.

16. Connor
March 31, 2014

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