We are getting feedback from people experiencing some troubles with Machinarium on their iPads that it doesn’t work properly or that they found a bug. First of all thanks for the feedback, it’s really helpful! We are sorry for the bugs. One update is already on the way and another one is in the works. Also here is a couple of advices for those who have more serious troubles with the game:

1. If you bought the iPad2 version of Machinarium and you have only iPad1, please contact Apple App Store support for refund or wait until you update your iPad to iPad2 or iPad3.

2. If you bought the iPad2 version of Machinarium and the game is crashing even you have the iPad2, please do the following, it should help:
Double-tap the home button to see the list of running apps. Press and hold on Machinarium icon and in a moment a little circle with a – in it will appear on every app. Tap the circle on all the apps in the bottom bar to completely close them. Then start the game again.

3. If the above doesn’t help, try to restart your iPad:
Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button for a few seconds until the red “slide to power off” slider appears, and then slide the slider.
Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the Apple logo appears.


1. Cindy v.
September 10, 2011

If u r on an iPad n u double tap “home” as u advised to fix bugs it only enlarges the screen. That’s how an iPad works! I can’t even get past the part of getting his arm n leg!!! Very frustrating n there r no instructions to help so u have no idea if the game is bugging or if u r! I want a refund n am so disappointed.

2. Jakub Dvorsky
September 10, 2011

hi cindy, you should probably check the walkthrough – the one in the game or on youtube (just look for machinarium walkthrough on youtube). also if you close the game (push the home button) and then double push the same button, it will open the bar with running apps. It works, try it. Of course you need iPad2 – that’s the one with cameras on the front and back side of the tablet.

3. Rosie
September 10, 2011

I am using the iPad 2. I am on the second screen and get the robot to place the cone into the paint. I already did what you proposed above but still doesn’t work. All it keeps doing is eating the cone. I like the concept of this game but if I get very frustrate I’ll drop it and won’t recommend it to anyone. Please help really like to do puzzles.

4. Debbie
September 10, 2011

i have iPad 2 and was playing the game now I’ve closed it down but the music is still playing…what do I do to get music off? I already double tapped the home button and the game is not still open.

5. Paul Garcia
September 10, 2011

I own an iPad 2 and have not been able to get the game to work. It crashes after the first image is posted. I’ve tried uninstalling and re-installing as well as the recommended option to double tap the home screen and close any other running apps. I want to play this game but if not resolved, I will want my money back

6. Becky
September 11, 2011

I can’t see any way to return to the start page of this game, it seems that you can save multiple game files but there doesn’t seem to be a way to start a second game? Each time I close it down I just come back to the first game I started when I open it up with no option to load a different/new game.

7. Oldes
September 11, 2011

What about reseting the iPad? Does it helps? http://www.maclife.com/article/howtos/fix_crashing_apps_your_iphone_and_ipad

Remember, iPad has operating system how we remember it from PC era, it’s just not so visible for ordinary people. Reseting the system helps to clear memory leaks which can be in the system itself or other apps. It does not have to be problem with the Machinarium. The game is just huge and requires the memory which may be unavailable.

8. Titus
September 12, 2011

I’m waiting for Machinarium2~~~~~

9. Viv
September 12, 2011


I wish to report a bug in the water reservoir. Found a 3 valve handles, tried to fit them onto the valves and 2 of them disappeared altogether from my inventory list before I managed to solve the puzzle. Really frustrating as I am deep into the game and had no previous saves. Hope you can look into fixing the bug. :(

10. Chrissy
September 12, 2011

Help!! I have just downloaded this game, after reading other people’s reviews. the only trouble is I have no idea how this game works? I am still on the first scene and nothing happens! Is there a guide? I have tried all the recommendations that you have suggested and I still can’t get this game started!!!!!!

11. Anonymous
September 12, 2011

Have iPad 2..game loaded and running with some kinks (probably new user…new to ipad and did not play first game)

Is there a help or setting screen anywhere? My music is not on (have checked ipad settings…all other sound works)

12. Marie
September 12, 2011

Hi, i installed this game but it crashes right after starting a new game. Over and over again. What should i do. Uninstalling it and then reinstalling will cost me money i guess.

13. Tomas
September 12, 2011

Dont get this the wrong way, I really like the design and gameplay of Machinarium and i bought it for the Mac. The One Thing i couldnt stand was the roaring fan of my MacBook. When
you announced the iPad Version, I thought: Great! It will be hard work to Code everything in ObjC but finally a smooth experience with a great input method and usability.
And now this? A “cheap” Adobe Air port?
I would have gladly spend more (10$) than the current price for a (tehnically) decent piece of software.

14. Nate
September 12, 2011

For anybody needing help with puzzles, there are lots of good walkthroughs on the web. Try this one http://www.justadventure.com/Walkthroughs/TallyHo/Walkthroughs/Machinarium/machinarium.htm or just Google it: http://www.google.com/search?q=machinarium+walkthrough

If you want to get to the initial screen so you can create a new game, you can follow these steps:
1) If you’re playing the game, press the home button to go to the Home screen.
2) Double-press the home button to bring up the row of apps at the bottom of the screen.
3) Press and hold on the Machinarium icon in the row of apps until it starts to wiggle.
4) Press the red delete icon in the upper corner of the Machinarium icon to quit the game.
5) Press the home button again.
6) Restart the Machinarium app by pressing its icon on the Home screen.

Hope that helps!

ps. Developers: that’s really annoying – you should add a “start new game” button to the menu!

15. Jakub Dvorsky
September 13, 2011

Thanks everyone for the feedback! We are working hard on the update and hope it will be available soon.

16. Ruth
September 13, 2011

I can’t find the directions to even start the game. Can you please help me? I would hate not to be able to play this ame.

17. Tom
September 13, 2011

Hi there,
really nice game, but since i’ve closed the app last time it’s not possible to resume. All slots are full, but it’s not possible to load one. Restarting the iPad2 didn’t work, too. It’s only possible to start a new game which is very annoying.
Please help!!!

18. Alex
September 14, 2011

@tomas Re: ObjC, This comment by ‘trevorde’ (left on http://www.tuaw.com/2011/09/12/daily-ipad-app-machinarium/) addresses your complaint wisely (IMHO).
“If they were to do so [rewrite it in Objective-C] the only things they could reuse would be the artwork and sounds. All the animations and interactivity would have to be rewritten. This is a huge cost in terms of time to market, development, testing and support. What they have done is to take a pragmatic, business decision which will maximise (sic) their return on investment. Further, the work they have done will also be used in releasing Android and PlayBook versions.”

19. Emma
September 14, 2011

Please tell us that you are working on a new game! Love your work, would love to see a Machinarium 2 or something simlar.

20. Blaise Sato
September 15, 2011

I have done all the puzzles and given the batteries to the big monster for his toy and the doors don’t open. instead it says I am to do the flower seed grinding again, but I can’t find the thing that holds it again? It seems like a bug. I mean I have already done this grinding to get here and give it to the wheelchair robot?

21. Ruben
September 16, 2011

Great game, but Think i found a bug. In the level with the 3 cell files agere you have to put a time on a clock. I enter the time ang Solve the puzzle and take the item There, but im not able to Get into the second cell. Changing the time does not help.

22. Rick
September 16, 2011

I’m playing the IPad 2 version and have a problem. I have picked up the handle for the clock in the town sqare, but no matter how i try, i cannot get the robot to use it to set the clock. if i click on the hole in the wall underneath the clock, he merely shakes his head. What am I missing?

23. Dmitri
September 16, 2011

loving your game on the ipad! Have more of the them coming!

24. ko
September 16, 2011

is it possible to make robot run instead if walk on ipad2?

25. Willem
September 17, 2011

I use ipad 2 but do not get any sound, I have sounds in other apps, any idea?

26. Michael
September 17, 2011

Love, love, love the game! Played it on the iPad 2. Please tell me you’re making a sequel. Also, I don’t know if that little mini-game toward the end was inspired by Atari’s Adventure, but I got a huge kick out if it. Brilliant game.

27. Susan
September 18, 2011

Stuck in the furnace room. Crane won’t allow robot to jump to platform. Also the Load and Save Menu is Breyer out. Closing the app and staring a new game don’t help.

28. Emma
September 19, 2011

I was looking for a P.Layton type game and found something better! AWESOME GAME!! I wish you were making a sequel too but hear this is not to be so I will wait for new games. Love everything about this, the style, music, humour and user-friendliness :)

29. Ben Hall
September 19, 2011

How do I get my money back? This game won’t get past the first 30 seconds without crashing! I’ve restarted the ipad, I’ve closed all other open apps…NOTHING!
Unhapppy and frustrated in Portland

30. tomas
September 21, 2011

There are so many artistically beautiful and technically great Apps in the AppStore and it dont seems like they have a problem with the revenue from the AppStore and since Machinarium was very popular before, it was clear that they will get in the Top10 very quickly. There is also the undeniable fact that iOS users are more likely to pay for their Apps and I would argue that they could have made twice as much money on this platform than on all the others combined.
And btw. Playbook,really?
To say that iOS is the cause of the crashes and all this blabla is simply a lie and I am suprised that Apple allowed this bullshit in the description of the game. The only time you should have to restart your ipad is when you update it.

31. Jan
September 22, 2011

The game is beautiful to look at and I don’t mind the lack of clues etc. I’ve got the basic idea and managed to get to the point where the little character has to extend and jump up to an overhead pole and get along it to pick up a piece on the other side. Only problem is s/he won’t jump up. I’ve been back to the book and looked about ten times to see if I’ve missed something. It’s getting really boring!

Okay I would like to start again but that doesn’t seem to be an option. I’m just stuck at that point. Either there is a bug or I just haven’t got what it takes. How the hell would I know? but I’ve got better things to do.

So I give up.

32. Alicia
September 22, 2011

Got the umbrella from the lady but now the robot won’t use it from inventory. I’ve watched several walkthroughs. Already downloaded recent update. Did the double press iPad home button and minus to close the game. Turned the iPad completely off. He still won’t take the stupid umbrella and I want to keep playing because this is fun and I love the graphics and music.

33. Alicia
September 22, 2011

Never mind. You have to hold the umbrella under the water :)

34. Rosa
September 24, 2011

I really liked this game! Great graphics, cute story. A little hard to catch on at first but then, I don’t really play video games – more of a bookworm girl. Other than a few small issues (already resolved) I had no problems with it and plan to show it off to all my friends!

Looking forward to seeing more games like this in the future. (preferably without the smoking prisoner for those of us little robots with asthma….)

35. Susan Antonsen
September 27, 2011

I give up – I’ve deleted and reinstalled about 10 times – the simplest thing this little guy will not do . Very frustrating . I can’t even leave a comment in the app store anymore !!! Please fix the freezing and that he will not take the item after holding it on his head for 10 min. Ridiculous !

36. Nafnaf
September 28, 2011

I just love all of your games and have played them years ago on your website. They are tricky and it needs some time to find your way thru.
Unfortunatly I found a bug, when little Robot is in jail and makes the cigarette, he gets the larger arm from his inmate. As I tried to reach out to the next room this arm disapeared and can not be found anymore.

37. centilli
September 28, 2011

Prosím přidejte v příštím updatu češtinu.

Please add czech in next update.

38. Mousey
September 28, 2011

Yup, me too…stuck in the reservoir with the three red handles found and attached but try to move on to check that the water flow has stopped and surprise surprise!! Two of the three handles disappear and that’s the end of that. Can’t move on if I can’t stop the water flow!!! Hoping an update soon appears cause I’d love to carry on an see the little guy reunited with his girl….best regards. MS

39. Sandy
September 29, 2011

Ok, here’s the thing. Everything has been working fine until I was in the furnace room. I followed the walk thru and open up the control box, ur,HELLO? There is NO CONTROL in the box. Nothing is inside the box, its blank. And knowing that I need to adjust the control to proceed, I won’t be able to continue the game. What shud I do? If it cannot be fixed then I would like my MONEY BACK. It’s very very disappointing now. Please help me fix it.

40. Jason
September 29, 2011

Love the game. Only issue that I would like fixed is for the game to flip when I rotate my ipad2. If I’m holding it but have to sit it on my stand and have to rotate the ipad2 to do so, the game does not rotate.

Can you send an update to fix, please?

I look forward to more of your games!

41. Monica
September 30, 2011

I, too, have found a bug in this game. My guy becomes frozen in the second scenario. I’ve emailed you directly, Machinarium developer, and have not gotten a response. Very disappointing….. :(

42. Niels
October 2, 2011

Why only ipad2??? Ridiculous!!! Ipad1 is only from ONE year ago!!!

43. Anonymous
October 2, 2011

Уроды козлы засунте себе в жопу свой iPad 2 onli козлы

44. Lawrence shmes
October 2, 2011

It says on the app store UK that this is no longer available for the ipad2, what’s up?

45. Joanne
October 2, 2011

I’m stuck in the furnace room too…. I get picked up by the crane and then it just holds me, suspended in the air and won’t let me swing to platform… I have prev got past this point and reverted back to this stage as later on the bug in the cells ate my broom so I restarted as I couldn’t get it back to knock cell guard off his chair. ( poss another bug?) very frustrating!

46. Sandi
October 2, 2011

Hi! I had a lot of fun playing this pretty game! I downloaded it Friday the 30th for my iPad and finished it last night – I could barely put it down, it’s so pretty and mood-influencing. I did get frustrated a couple of times trying to get the game to acknowledge correct actions, for example getting the sweet cook robot to do what she’s supposed to do with the hose (final step) took a million tries, a break too calm down, and a million more tries. It happened again later when I needed to do it again and also on a few other scenes. Someone less persistent than I would probably have given up. it seems like in each case the area to which you’re supposed to drag the hose isn’t large and/or “sensitive” enough or something (am not a programmer but seems that it has to work like that). It didn’t crash but it did freeze up a couple of times. Closing and re-opening the ap worked fine.

Thank you for designing such a pretty, fun game with so many kinds of puzzles. Can’t wait to see what else
you’re working on!

47. Sandi
October 2, 2011

I also had the trouble with the crane like Joanne describes. I had to close the game and re-open it to reset the scene. Adding a way for him to get free would be helpful. I also remembered that getting him to take a few objects was tricky. The “help” manual was very helpful, in most cases.

48. Marilyn
October 2, 2011

Squirted the stuff on the dock, dog licks it, climb down the ladder. Can’t pick up the gun to shoot the dog to give to the lady for the umbrella any comments.

49. CT
October 2, 2011

guys, just wanted to say THANKS for a killer game. Machinarium is wonderful. I completed the whole thing in 3 days as I was hooked. The visuals and sounds are stellar. Hats off to the team who made it come to life. I really wish you had other games for the iPad as I am hooked. Thanks again. I find myself unable to play other games now, so please come up with a new game as soon as you can!

50. Nat
October 3, 2011

Great game but stuck on last level with the musical puzzle. Have tried the same combination as stated in the walkthrough but stairs don’t rise up. Seems to be a problem with the game i think. Frustrating as it’s the last part of the game. :(

51. Mousey
October 3, 2011

Ok, I’ve tried the game over again for the third time and still can’t get passed the three red keys to turn the water off…I’ve collected and attached all three then two dissappear without turning the water off. What kind of game are we dealing with? I won’t try a fourth time, just want my money back or reinstall the game!!!!

52. Alissa
October 4, 2011

@nat I had the same problem, if you do the little game shooting the spiders to unlock the hintbook you’ll get another code which is not mentioned in any walkthrough Ive seen yet and it worked for me!

53. JWhite
October 4, 2011

Здравствуйте. Имею в пользовании iPad2. Игра часто “вылетает” при переходе на другой экран. Помогите.

54. Bob Fidelman
October 4, 2011

The final musical puzzle differs from the walkthrought. I was able to figure it out by recording it and playing it back several times while working the keys The sequence which worked for me was 1 2 3 4 1 2 5.

55. Randy Glover
October 5, 2011

Purchased on iPad 1….not getting iPad 2 for a while…requesting refund!! Please advise

56. Limak
October 6, 2011

I’ve downloaded this game and it keeps crashing. I restarted my iPad but it still keeps crashing. What should I do?

57. Azure
October 8, 2011

I wish to report a bug in the water reservoir. I can not get the 3rd valve from the big valve. :(
He went to dance and forgot to give me the valve m(_ _)m

58. Steve
October 9, 2011

I gave the dog to the lady and she gave me the umbrella. When I opened the umbrella and my robot walked thru the water, once I seen the robot get to the next building, I was back at the screen with the lady, and no dog, no way to continue??? Help?

59. Gwen
October 9, 2011

I’m in the kitchen got the rubber hose in inventory but can not get the hose to connect to the oil dispenser. I have the update. The first time I played,prior to update, the hose was no problem. Any suggestions? Please & thanx.

60. Feeling RippedOff
October 10, 2011

Feeling like I’ve wasted my money. I’m stuck in the opening scene with the stupid robot with the issing leg and arm. I’ve clicked and tapped everywhere. I was expecting some intriguing puzzles, but this is just lame. The help button doesn’t work. I’d like my money back, please.

61. Gwen
October 10, 2011

Never mind with ipad2 updated problem regarding the hose in the kitchen not connecting with the oil dispenser. It’s just a little tricky. I needed to drag the hose to the dispenser & tap the dispensers spout almost simultaniously…..duh. My fault. I love this game!

62. Daniel Gadd
October 10, 2011

Please please get this running on iPad1 it seems a little unfair to suggest that we should go out and buy a iPad 2 or 3 when it comes out that makes your game cost well over £400. I bit on the pricey side don’t you think.

63. dian
October 11, 2011

hey – can I get a refund? bet not! what a ripoff! I can’t get past the junkyard in trying to get arm and leg on. what’s the deal? refund in order. now please! ha!

64. max
October 12, 2011

it seems loads of people are getting frustrated when they get stuck and dont know what to do, isnt that the fun of it people??? discovering the answers and working out the puzzles?? I’ve finished this game on pc and it was so much fun and very challenging too but that’s what this game is about, the puzzles are very clever and unique so dont give up people!
It’s a shame that its such a memory hog and requires a ipad2 only, hopefully you can address most of these bugs too. good luck.

65. Sandra
October 12, 2011

Have ipad2 and game is frozen. Played on my Mac no problem.

66. Jester
October 14, 2011

This is a fabulously scripted piece of something. What is wrong? Sometimes there seems too be two things going on…. Nothing and nothing else. The help in the early help is ok but then later the help makes no sense.
With work this could be a real contender. As it is it’s a likely to offend.

67. Jester
October 14, 2011

A captcha with a spellcheck????????
Oh c’mon itc likly 2 caws alitv probs 2 most peeps whoo can’t be arsed to feck arownd

68. Scott
October 15, 2011

Just got it on my ipad2, stuck in the furnace room, he just won’t jump from crane to platform. Fix the bug or refund me please

69. Wilfried
October 15, 2011

@marilyn: you have to move the gun from the inventory onto the dog and not onto the robot.

70. robin wilson
October 16, 2011

great game! can’t get the out of the jailer room despite having key and buckshot. the key won’t open the jail. i have used the key many times (both with all green and all red dots on the tv security cameras). PLEASE HELP….buckshot also on the floor!

71. Jose
October 17, 2011

he comprado el juego machinarium y no se me reproduce en español, solo en inglés
un saludo y gracias

72. Karen
October 17, 2011

Cant jump in the fountain cause my wrenches dissapeared

73. Huboiler
October 20, 2011

Put my sunflower plant into the pot too soon I guess. Once I finally figured out what to do, the plant was gone. Now there’s no way to get sunflower seeds to make sunflower oil, etc, etc, etc.

I’m essentially completely stuck at this point in the game. There doesn’t seem to be anything I can do.

Has anyone else run into this situation? Is there another plant somewhere that I haven’t found???

Other than this “little” problem, I really enjoyed this game.

74. Jason
October 20, 2011

I recently purchased this game for my iPad 2 through the App Store and it has no sound (at all). This is really disappointing. Any way to fix it?

75. Ricardo
October 21, 2011

I tried to purchase this game but have not been able to get it to download. The transaction took place. When I try to download again I iTunes thinks I’m updating a previously purchased app and I get teh following message, “Purchase of this item is not currently available. The item is being modified. Please try again later”. Do you have any ideas that would help me get your game on my iPad?

76. grrrr
October 25, 2011

why only ipad2??? I don’t know of any other apps that don’t support ipad1 other than those that use the camera.

77. quartzie
October 28, 2011

iPad2 has significantly more RAM (512 MB vs 256 MB) and a faster CPU (dual core A5 vs A4) than the 1st generation iPad, which makes a ton of difference for large games like Machinarium. As even iPad2 owners need to close up background applications to get good playability, it appears impossible to optimize the game enough to fit within the original iPad’s HW constraints.

78. Penva
October 30, 2011

I brought machinarium, and I read the requirement of this game on App.store, compatible with iPad and ios4 of later, but I miss the description of the game said ONLY FOR IPAD2!!!!!!
I am using ipad1 and I can’t play this game after I brought!!
Is that possible to have any refund?

79. Steve
November 2, 2011

I am stuck at the elevator section with the girl robot, I have the hose but it is not attaching to the oil drum, there is nothing more I can do! Please fix this bug…. Anyone else have this problem?

80. Eric
November 8, 2011

Fantastic game. Beatiful art, fun music, and addicting gameplay. Couldn’t put it down.
I found a bug in the old style video game where you must shoot 30ish bad guys. On the screen where there are 4 choices for going down, when I went down the leftmost one, my guy became stuck in the wall of the below screen. Since I was stuck in a wall, I had to power off to get game working again.
Other than that issue, no other problems. Really looking forward to what you create next. Do u have a mailing list?

81. Tom
November 8, 2011

Thanks so much for the incredible game (iPad2). My daughter and I loved it. The best $4.99 (U.S.) I’ve spent in a long time. Ready to spend more!

82. Adrian Phillips
November 15, 2011

Enjoying it ! Sorted stages 1 & 2 , but can’t jump up to the traverse pole to collect the wedge. Tried everything. Been back and started the whole thing again , but still no joy. HELP !!

83. Mach user
November 16, 2011

Sound isn’t working.

When I plug in head phones it’s okay, when it’s not plugged in, it doesn’t work and there is no sound. My music and movies works just fine so I think it’s the app. Can someone help me? Please email me any thoughts.

Thank you. I really want the sound working again so that I can enjoy this fantastic game! Thanks for coming out with this great game!

84. Galen
November 17, 2011

I am on an iPad 2 wifi/3G running iOS 5.0.1. The sound is not working on the game. I have tried restarting the iPad but still no luck. Just thought I’d let you know. Love the game anyway.

85. Monique
November 19, 2011

Can’t jump to the traverse pool to get the wedge! Please fix because I’m not the only one…..

86. Monique
November 19, 2011

Already found out. Left button on 2 and right button on A. Sorry my fault!

87. petra kremer
November 20, 2011

spiel nicht wie angegeben auf deutsch rückerstattung der kosten ???

88. Vibi
November 20, 2011

I am very pleased with the game but i have a problem when trying to get the sunflower oil. I put the seeds in the machine and the oil can under the pipe but it does not produce any oil regardless how many times i crank it. I have installed all the update required without success.

89. Vibi
November 22, 2011

I forgotmto mention that m’y problem occurs on an ipad2

Since then, i am stick there and cannot go any further

90. Rob
January 5, 2012

I am stuck in the game on the level where you need to get the dog for the umbrella lady. I made it into the tower where the controls are but I cannot seem to move it again after I had moved it once. It’s way back near the big silo-looking things. I think I’m supposed to hit the play button but it isn’t letting me. None of the buttons work except the two red buttons and the oil dispense button.
Much thanks.

91. Wilfried
January 5, 2012

Comment mettre le jeu en français ?

92. Marianne
January 6, 2012

I’ve bought the game and have a Ipad2. But I can’t seem to be able to combine things from the inventory.
It worked with the string and the magnet (don’t know how) but I can’t get the sigaret rolled :@ Please help me …..

93. Juergen
January 7, 2012

Das Programm Machinarium v1.2 ist nicht wie angegeben in Deutsch sondern nur in Englisch.
Falsche Angaben in der Produktberschreibung.

94. Lynne
January 7, 2012

Game crashes after first scene every time – just switches off and when you go back starts again… Frustrating as looks like it would be a great game… So disappointed.

95. Anonymous
January 7, 2012

Frst, let me say I enjoyed the game – triggy puzzles with such great attention for detail!

However the game is advertised in multiple languages including German which is not the case! Even so the language doesn’t matter in this game, it is confusing the customer and should be changed in my opinion.

96. Nurlin
January 8, 2012

I’m at level 6 where i’ve caught the cat but can’t place it to lure the mouse out of the trumpet. Please help..I’m on IPad2. Thank you

97. Ghummie
January 8, 2012

Game froze. Deleted game and now cannot reinstall. I deleted a different game and it reinstalled just fine. I can’t seem to be able to reinstall Machinarium.

98. Delort
January 8, 2012

Je viens d’acheter hier ce jeu
On me signale après coup qu’il ne fonctionne que sur ipad2
Or je n’ai que l’iPod 1
Je ne vais quand l
Même pas acheter l’iPad2 pour ça seul jeu
Cela ferait cher du jeu!……..Merci de me rembourser

Pierre Delort

99. Maria
January 8, 2012

Hi, I ve got a problem in the dungeon. I can’t open the door. The robot uses the key but only one green lamp lights, when he uses the key the second time the lamp becomes red. I ve tried many times, I ve seen the video of your game but nothing helps. I don’t know what to do, I want to play. Please help me

100. Whitney h
January 8, 2012

I love this game, but I downloaded the newest version yesterday onto my iPad two and it has no sound. Everything else works just fine. I have tried your suggested solutions to no avail. It makes me sad because it is only a half the experience! Please help!

101. Vladimir
January 8, 2012

I have bought today machinarium for my iPad2 and i didn’t find a russian language, but on appstore you wrote that game on many languages but i find only one. Where is others languages?

102. Lesaffre
January 8, 2012

Hello …. Howard to change thé langage ,,, on thé AppStore it s s’aidant than Théy us french ???
Thank s

103. Lesaffre
January 8, 2012

Sorry m’y question was HOW to change thé langage

104. Dee
January 8, 2012

The game is suppose to be on sale until tomorrow but it’s showing at regular price! Please help.

105. Gerardo García
January 9, 2012

Hola a todos, compre este fabuloso juego para mi Mac, ahora me doy cuenta que también esta disponible para iPad, puedo instalarlo con la misma licencia ? Como lo hago…?

O tengo que comprar la versión para mi iPad?

Saludos, espero su pronta respuesta.

106. Kris
January 9, 2012

No sound, and I also was charged full price, not the sale price. What gives???

107. Pedro García
January 9, 2012

He comprado la aplicación por que en ITUNES decían que estaba en español y parece que no es así, hay posibilidad de devolverla. Gracias

108. John
January 10, 2012

My sound is not working at all. Please help

109. Shlomo
January 10, 2012

I have no sound on the game, what is worong ? I reloaded the game and it doesn’t work

110. Graeme
January 11, 2012

A waste of money, I have an iPad 2, and cannot even get far on the first screen. No help files, the book will not open, and after trying everything mentioned on this forum, have given up. Program is apparently very unstable on the iPad 2, and needs significant improvement, I want my money back!

111. Joe
January 11, 2012

I too have no sound.

112. Shannong
January 11, 2012

Love this game so far. In the jail, and got the arm, but went to use it, and it went away. Not in inventory. Cannot find it. Any ideas?

113. No sound
January 11, 2012

Just downloaded and game is cool but there’s no sound from the speaker. If I plug into headphones it works, please help!

114. Shlomo
January 12, 2012

I have no sounded !!!!!!

115. Sergey
January 13, 2012

Здравствуйте. Я сегодня купил машинариум. На ipad он не работает. Почему не указываете ‘что она только для iPad2. Как мне вернуть деньги?

116. DollyAlex
January 13, 2012

Fantastic game, works like a charm on iPad2. Thank you very much!

117. Warren Sack
January 15, 2012

Stuck on the maze level inside the robot, nearly at the end and the bloody thing gets stuck between screens when you move from top to bottom. Shame no one knows how to product test. Can you please sort or refund my money. Really pissed off, can’t finish game without this part.

118. Hinten
January 22, 2012

After a couple of hours of gameplay I lost all sound. Tried closin the app, turned my iPad2 off&on, still no sound. Everything else seems to work.

Minor bug : after the robber’s card playing room is flooded you can go back to the bar. When you peek through the door with the window the water will suddenly disappear and the robbers are playing cards again.

119. Megan
January 23, 2012

Loving this game,but it won’t let me resume.Just about to stop the bomb,don’t want to begin all over again.Am playing on the IPad 2-HELP!!!!

120. Anat
January 29, 2012

Got the same bug like Warren Sack, stuck on the maze level, 9 robots left to shoot at, but when I made a turn I got stuck in the wall at the bottom of the screen. Nothing works! Tried to reload the game and restart the iPad. Help? I have ipad2…

121. Barbara c
January 31, 2012

Got to boiler room…cannot make the robot RUN to the cart…so he misses the crane to pull him up every time! Done it dozens of times and no luck. Frustrating!

122. Henrimarc
February 1, 2012

No sound for me eiter!!!

123. alejandro
February 8, 2012

i have finished the game and i love it. i just want to know if you are planning to launch more content or not. if the answer is not i would delete the game in order to release memory. thank you

124. Luvrns
February 18, 2012

Purchased before seeing hte ipad 2 requirement. Of course it won’t run so please refund….

125. Brian
February 20, 2012

No sound here either..

126. sweetyb
February 22, 2012

Can’t make him move. After the dumping of the rubbish that came over from the castle, I can tap here and drop the bathtub. Then nothing else will move.
Help please.

127. Aleksandra
February 26, 2012

Thank you so much for machinarium!!! I loved this game!!! It’s the best game I’ve ever played))))

128. Rmc
February 27, 2012

Lovely graphics but not working on the iPad 2. Can’t jump on to the shelf and only on the third bit….. Putting me off…

129. Laurent Krantz
February 28, 2012

No sound here either

130. Laurent Krantz
February 28, 2012

To all those having no sound i tried to change the switch from mute to unmute and it worked. Very simple and sounds now work on mine. On other gamessound worked even without unmuting… Patch plz

131. Jennifer
February 29, 2012

Thanks Laurent! That worked! Everyone kept talking about the amazing soundtrack.. Was very frustrated that I could not get any sound. Reloaded app, turned iPad on and off numerous times. Argh! This game looks so complex and yet they managed to reverse the programming for sound with the iPad mute button. Funny.

132. brian
March 2, 2012

laurent krantz – thank you – fixed my sound issue also!

133. Rmc
March 3, 2012

Have started again and still can’t jump on to the shelf. It doesn’t even recognise it as an option…. Help! Can I have a refund…..

134. Nic
March 5, 2012

On the back alley stage I have played the instruments in the wrong order and cannot get the radio to be thrown down. Is there a way of doing this or is there a level reset so I can try again? If there isn’t a level reset button is this coming in an update as it is really going to ruin the game if I have to start from the beginning again.

135. Rufus
March 12, 2012

Game has froze w/ robot stuck at bottom of one of the mazes during the “eliminate virus robot” portion of game..same issue copied below from another customer. PLZ help w/ fix…so much enjoyment will be lost if software is not fixed!! Thank you. -Rufus

120. anat
January 29, 2012
Got the same bug like Warren Sack, stuck on the maze level, 9 robots left to shoot at, but when I made a turn I got stuck in the wall at the bottom of the screen. Nothing works! Tried to reload the game and restart the iPad. Help? I have ipad2…

136. Tom
March 17, 2012

Unfortunately the Game which works fine on my Mac does not function on the new iPad 3. The resolution is terrible and squezed to one side only.

137. Alf
March 23, 2012

The robot gets stuck on the ladder in level2 and I can’t do anything else.

138. Erin
March 27, 2012

I downloaded this game to my iPad 2 a few days ago. I have lost my wrenches and cannot turn off the water so I went back a few screens and when I returned the seen had reset so the water was not running but the wrenches are still gone. I cannot proceed. Can I get a refund?

139. Flora
March 31, 2012

I purchased this game for my new iPad 3, and not only is there no sound, but the game has completely frozen on the second screen and will not start over when I close out the app. Looks like it will be so fun to play, but it appears that I either need to be able to uninstall/ reinstall or a patch needs to be installed in a future update. Kind of a bummer since I paid full price and got a whole five minutes out of it. Please fix!

140. Flora
March 31, 2012

Update: okay, after trying the steps that you’ve listed above–closing out all other apps and restarting my iPad–the game is now working. Same with the sound if I plug headphones in. I might rerelease those instructions above for people who are new to iPads with the iPad 3 and who are just discovering your game. Between the old date (September of last year) and the first couple of sentences, I didn’t see a
Reason to read the whole way through that statement the first two times I visited this page ( and I don’t seem to be the only one). Maybe at least put a title in bold above it that says “read through the following to troubleshoot”, or something, to make it a bit clearer.

Now that it’s working, it’s a real pleasure to play. Really cool game–

141. Denis
April 3, 2012

Hi, how about new IPad? Where is my money? WTF

142. ILene Vick
April 14, 2012

I’m at the very end of the game on top of the tower. I know I have to play the tones on the musical box to get the stairs to slide out. I played the tone, even getting the cheat sheet to look up the sequence 1-4-2-3-5-2-3. I did that sequence but nothing at all happens. Any ideas? I can be reached at anniebamalucy@charter.net I sure would appreciate the assist. Btw… I’m playing this on an iPad2 and this is the first problem I’ve had.

Looking forward to a Machinarium 2!

143. 143-BLOG
April 17, 2012


144. Cristobal
April 17, 2012

Hello. First of all the game is really cool, but suddenly I lost the sound. I tried turning off the app and then the ipad2 and nothing. Actually I deleted the game and downloaded it again but the sound still doesn’t come back. Can you give me a solution please?

145. Pierre esfandiari
April 19, 2012


I have downloaded this fantastic Game for my iPad 3 , but in the scene in the kitchen Wehre i Must Install the Hose at the Washington-basin it dosent work, i tryed everything, but it doesent work!!! I closed all Other App’s and restartet my iPad , i read all walkthrouts in the Web , please help me before i Must tilt!!!

Greetings , pierre Mail to halbermensch68@yahoo.de

146. Lori
April 24, 2012

I cannot get the rubber hose to connect to the gas barrel in the kitchen. Is this a glitch or am I missing a step?

147. Craig Warrian
April 25, 2012


I bought the game this afternoon for my iPad3 – only to realize it wasn’t the version for my iPad!!!
It’s for my computer, which doesn’t help us on our roadtrips.
Is there a way I can exchange one format for the other.

My mistake.

Craig Warrian
Vancouver, BC

148. mehdi
May 3, 2012


149. Leonid
May 8, 2012

Im sorry, but where is Russian language?!

150. Andreas
May 12, 2012

I bought today this game for my ipad3.
Its in english. Why Not in German.
My Location ist Germany

151. Ruth
May 13, 2012

I am stuck on the lift. The hook mentioned in the walk through that I picked up in in the water tank disappeared as soon as I left the tank and now even though I have solved the lift game the lever won’t send it up! So I can’t go forwards or backwards. All walkthroughs say to give the hook to the girlfriend robot and I don’t have it! If anyone can help I would very much appreciate it!

152. Nathan
May 14, 2012

Hi just bought looking forward to playing but I have NO sound please help

153. Jayna
May 23, 2012

I’m on the first platform level, and after solving the puzzle to move the platform up, I pull on the handle and nothing happens. The puzzle is solved, the handle pops out, but it’s impossible to get the platform to move up. Is this a glitch or am I doing something wrong?

154. Kathryn
May 26, 2012

Stuck in the city on the platform with the girlfriend and the lever is out but will not work. To get the hook have the girl make popcorn wit the corncob on the stove and it will fall down from above him

155. Dirk Scheumann
May 28, 2012

i boughtbthe game today. i can only play the first scene. when i move to the second screen, the screen is black with one little red point somewhere in the lower left corner. save and load does not work either. i have reseted the ipad 2, reinstalled the game from my mac – it does not help. please provide a solution orni have to claim my money back. kind regards

156. Dirk Scheumann
May 28, 2012

i bought the game today. i can only play the first scene. when i move to the second screen, the screen is black with one little red point somewhere in the lower left corner. save and load does not work either. i have reseted the ipad 2, reinstalled the game from my mac – it does not help. please provide a solution orni have to claim my money back. kind regards

157. Ric
June 1, 2012

I’d like to have a refund please, I have an ipad 1.

158. evgenn
June 3, 2012

Здравствуйте , у меня вопрос, при прохождении игры , в 4 квесте, когда робот подходит к пульту управления вращающегося ковша , не появляются кнопки управления. Я три раза стирал и проходил заново до этого уровня, но кнопки управления так и не появляются, хотя я их видел до того , как мой ipad разрядился и приложение закрылось. В чем может быть проблема?

159. evgenn
June 3, 2012

Hello, I a question, when passing game, in the 4th quest when the robot approaches to a control panel of a rotating ladle, don’t have a management button. I three times erased and passed anew to this level, but buttons of management don’t appear, though I saw them before my ipad was discharged and the appendix was closed. In what there can be a problem?

160. Andres
June 4, 2012

Does it work on the new aipad?

161. Mariano
June 5, 2012

Audio doesn’t work on Machinarium for the new ipad except if earphones are inserted. No audio settings available from ipad settings. Tried to kill the app and restart the device but nothing changed.

162. Cameron Johnston
June 8, 2012

Audio doesn’t work on my iPad 2
I’ve killed all the apps running and re-started my device with no luck…
Please HELP!

163. John p
June 11, 2012

Please help ,. Purchased app and now it is stuck on the download itself with the under title displaying “waiting”. What can I do. When I ordered it I was excited to play and now I seems from the comments there are a lot of issues. I can’t even play an app I payed for but moreover can’t download it either. Help

164. Alfonso
June 13, 2012

To the whole team who put this app together: I have worked in several apps highly praised by Apple, a few top 10s in their categories, an app of the week, etc. and I know all the work that goes into doing something like this. I was introduced to the app by one of my developers and I’m amazed at the quality of the app from all perspectives (story, game play, art, sound, user experience). I have gone about 5 scenes into the story and I can’t wait to go all the way through. This app is an inspiration to all of us who are trying to create new experiences on these devices.

Too bad about the iPad 1 and I’m sorry those reviews have taken some of the thunder of this app but you should all be very proud stil.

Great job!


165. Phil
June 15, 2012

Love the game, finished it in 5 days and thoroughly enjoyed every moment. Didn’t know there was supposed to be a soundtrack until I googled the game!! What have I missed.?

166. Marcus
June 20, 2012

I hve the new iPad with 64G. I am quite through. Maye tha Last Mini-Game in the Brain-machine. Going through the Mace ans shooting the red enemies, i am Stücklung in a Wall, when i try to League a Special room through a Special EXIt. The room has 4 exits at the bottom. 2 Exits are leasing to a quite round room with nö fürtrefflich EXIt. In Esch round room in One Enemy in the middle each. When i try to Enter the left One, the Bug Happens: i Stuck at the Border of the next sreen.

I have to Reste the iPad. But that Happens at the Same Place every Time. Pls help

167. Anonymous
June 21, 2012

My app doesn’t work still, I did all of the above. How do I get a refund for an app I can’t even play???

168. Venus Perez
June 21, 2012

My app doesn’t work still, I did all of the above. How do I get a refund for an app I can’t even play???

169. Marcus
June 22, 2012

Still Witting for Feedback – Email Adress now Vorrechten

170. Tanya
June 25, 2012

I think I’ve found a bug – if you don’t pick up all five keys in the bar, and then go back in later to pick up the fifth one, it isn’t there. I’m now stuck, since even if you beat the five in a row robot again you don’t get any more keys.

171. Cees
June 26, 2012

I just downloaded Machunarum, startend to play, but… No sounds! Followed all instructions above, but still no sounds. And rally, the volume on my I-pad2 is on max. Please gave me the golden hint.

172. Joan
June 26, 2012

For no sounds, see post #130 from Laurent – that worked for me: resetting the side switch. I also closed all apps and restarted the iPad2. Good luck – audio track is a major component.

173. Cees
June 27, 2012

Joan and Laurent, thanks! Not feeling deaf anymore, switching off and turting on the mute button worked. With sounds double fun now.

174. Nancy
June 30, 2012

Help! I think I have another bug on my IPad 2 version. We’ve completed the game, enter the final musical code, but don’t have the steps appear to the final escape. We replayed the entire game to make sure we didn’t miss anything— still no luck at the end. What can we do?

175. B. Tracy
June 30, 2012

Trying to download this game after paying for it in iTunes, and I am getting this message!

could not be found on the server


176. B. Tracy
June 30, 2012

nevermind, it started after about 10 tries…

177. Jessi
July 7, 2012

Bought IPAD version and am playing on IPAD2. No sound at all. No bottom menu with volume control that I’ve seen in some of the YouTube walkthroughs, so how do I get sound?

178. Jessi
July 7, 2012

Found issue and fixed per a post on iPad2 forum. Have to set orientation lock/mute boon to be mute button and turn mute off. Voila game has sound. Now if only I could find how to get the robot in the wheel chair to take the darn oil can….

179. Mike
July 7, 2012

I bought this from an IPad 1. Does not work. (Which the SW tells you AFTER you have bought the game try to play it.)
Nothing in your advertising talks about hardware requirements (IPad 2).
You should clarify this in your advertising and/or simply not allow it to load if an IPad 1 owner places the order.

180. Chris
July 11, 2012

Absolutely NO indication that it will not work with iPad 1. Please contact me to arrange my refund.

181. Rafael Cortés
July 12, 2012

Why the icon doesn’t appear in my IPad 2 IOS 5.1.1? I mean, I bought the game in my computer, and I tried to synchronize it with the IPad, just don’t appear. Please help me.

182. Dave
July 14, 2012

I downloaded the game onto my iPad 1 without seeing that it wouldn’t work. this really needs to be set up so that it won’t download on to anything but the iPad 2. Pretty sneaky way to get more money if you ask me…

Please refund me my money so that I can download it to my Mac. Thank you.

183. Manuela
July 25, 2012

Pléiade CAN you solde thé buts Whitehorse occur so fréquent l’y. Frits Time i got till thé prisonniers ROM but couldn’t go further cause the Green light didn’t Turner up on thé Lefrançois but Orly on thé Richter so thé cell didn’t open. Réinstallés and nos i’m blocked on thé second scier, robot doesn’t want to vêt thé yellow thing out of his mouth….
Tank you

184. Manuela
July 25, 2012

Please CAN you solve the bugs which occur so frequently ? The first tIme Ii got till the prisonniers Room but couldn’t go further cause the Green light didn’t Turn up on thé Left but Only on thé Right so thé cell didn’t open. Réinstalled and nos i’m blocked on the second screen, thé, robot doesn’t want to get thé thing out of his mouth….
Thank you

185. Mike
July 29, 2012

I give up on this game. I’ve watched the walk through videos and it still is impossible. Cursor/item placement is very picky and it is almost at some places when using my finger. After watching the videos I realize that the whole game is pointless. A total waste of my money.

Oh, the artwork is nice.

186. Giel Zwinkels
August 28, 2012

Like 181. Rafael Cortés i’ve bought Machinarium for my iPad2 (iOs5.1.1.) in the App Store, but it isn’t synchronizing the game to my iPad2. I can see the icon appear on my iPad2 when i instruct the pc in iTunes to synchronize, but as soon as it is ‘ready’ the icon on my iPad2 disappears. Please help!!

187. Zack
August 28, 2012

Your game crashes when I try to start it; this is junk and you should be ashamed.

188. Cremdon deezee
September 4, 2012

Very disappointed-second screen into the game(the little mining cart) is crap-can’t remove hook end again,robot just pulls lever…No reset or restart makes it more maddening…waste of money..

189. ghsoja
September 8, 2012

I can’t load any of my saves. I tap on one of the files and it asks me if I want to load that file, I can’t tap on yes, only cancel. Every time I reload the app, I see new files with different red numbers in the corners along with the original file, numbered four. I really don’t want to start a new game… Any help?

190. Lucy
September 10, 2012

I bought machinarium yesterday and have an ipad2 and it won’t give me the option to install

191. Ilia
September 14, 2012

Hello! First I want to thank you for creating such great games. Machinarium is my favorite of them. It looks magnificently .But it could look much better on iPad 3. I have not bought the game for the iPad because it does not support Retina. I wish you to add her support, I am sure that no one I want to.This is justified by the costs.

192. Ank
September 19, 2012

There is no sound for ipad3. Any solutions?

193. Jared
September 22, 2012

Brilliant game. The artwork reminds me of Miyazaki’s style of drawing machinery. The animation is outstanding.

One small bug: When looking through the porthole in the bar at the ( now submerged ) poker game, the animation reverts to the original sequence before being flooded.

194. Jared
September 22, 2012

Also playing checkers again caused the table asset to disappear.

195. Ahmet
September 23, 2012

Hi, it has some bugs and i cant play the game. İ use ipad 2 and i couldnt play the 4th part of the game because when it lift me up, i can only fall down. İ cant pass the left side. İ touch everywhere but nothing happen. Please fix it. Thankss

196. David
September 24, 2012

There is no sound on my iPad3! There is no workaround. Can I obtain a refund? The game is advertised as having great sound!

197. anget31
October 2, 2012

I thought it was just me being stupid, but it seems not. Even going via the tedious spider_zapping game and following the instructions, the character won’t pick up items or follow instructiions. Completely frustrating game! Nice graphics though. But they’ve got my money now so …….

198. kristin
October 11, 2012

i can’t instal this game, don’t know why. Every i tried even this game installed nearly done then error came out

( error lx E 800000)

How can i fix it? need help

199. Kathy
October 13, 2012

My problem is a bit odd … played the whole game and got to the mind game at the end where you have to shoot the red guys in the robot’s brain. I got the key, got the gun, but it won’t shoot. I have restarted it twice and still nothing. I get to the guys but nothing happens. Is there something else I am supposed to do? How do I make the gun actually shoot? I hate to sound stupid but I don’t see anywhere to click to make the gun shoot and tapping the screen does not do it. A little help please .. I want to get past this part.

200. Kathy
October 13, 2012

Now I feel really stupid … disregard my comment above. When I went back for the 3rd time, I noticed the red gun in the corner and realized that is how I shoot the gun. So I have passed this one. Sorry!

201. Maritza
November 2, 2012

I just updated to iOS 6.0.1 on my iPad 2, and now I can not start Machinarium. I get a popup window requesting my Apple ID username and password which I submit, but the app does not come up. So, I deleted it and tried to download again. Now, I am being asked to pay for the app again. A window says my account is being accessed from a new computer or device, but it is not. Would you please help me get the app I have already paid for? Am I going to have to reload all apps every time there is an iOS update? Thank you.

202. Nick
November 17, 2012

I’m having the same problem as David. No sound in the game on my iPad 3 with latest software update.

203. Ray
November 22, 2012

I just bought machinarium. I found out it won’ work on my ipad1. I would like to know how to get my money back. Please let me know what I need to do to get a refund.

204. Julzzzz
November 23, 2012

I am stuck at the wrench part and turned off the pipes correctly but the water for fountain keeps running. Glitch noted above a yr ago. Not fixed yet???? Great game and want to continue. Where’s the fix?

205. Catherine Ortega
November 28, 2012

I have an iPad 2. I closed all items and rebooted the ipad and I still get the error message that it requires and iPad 2 to use. Please help! I really want to play this game. Thanks!

206. Dima
December 19, 2012

early in the game can not give a toy, it moves only up, not moving to the right, iPad New

207. Dave
December 29, 2012

Can’t attach hose to the oil dispenser in the kitchen no matter what I do: very annoying and had to give game up. Common problem apparently. 7

208. Alex
December 31, 2012

How can I change the language of the game? The product description says there are German available.

209. Scott
January 2, 2013

Let me buy the app for my iPad, but doesn’t run on first generation. How do I get a refund?

210. Johan
January 2, 2013

Trouble on iPad Mini and iPad 3. I Hope for a New Update.

211. Nancy
January 5, 2013

Well I have a iPad 4 and in the third screen where he trying to stop the coal cart with the gold shovel I have done everything correct checked it in YouTube , he will not take the shovel out to use it I have restarted lots of times. Making me crazy.

212. Gamestar
January 14, 2013

Starting Game, playing Game, saving Game, loading of savestates or continue is not possible!
iPad 3 Gen, iOS 6.0.2

213. Melissa
January 15, 2013

I bought and installed on the iPad mini. Really enjoyed the game but it just keeps crashing! Had to constantly save every time I achieved something. Finally decided to re-install to see if that fixed it,. No success and no saved data so am back at the start and it keeps crashing still. I give up! I would like either a fix or a refund. Such a shame!

214. Sofia
January 25, 2013

I am not complaining about anything, I just want to sat that I LOVE the app!

215. Ali
January 28, 2013

I am also getting stuck in the game shooting at the red guys, my little guy is stuck and cannot move, sort of between screens….reading through the comments at least three others have had the same problem…… If I close and start again, won’t I have to start from my last save? And at least one person said they still freeze in the same place after doing this anyway…..also it doesn’t appear to be possible to exit this game and re-enter mid way through like most of the other puzzles….it’s just stuck there…….

216. Gezz
March 14, 2013

Will not download from App Store. Have paid for it but just says ‘waiting’. Any advice please?

217. OnurMuOlur
April 2, 2013

Mükemmel oyun . Machinarium 2 ne zaman oynayabilir ?

218. shoe lift for men
April 9, 2013

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219. MartynD
April 14, 2013

I have the new ipad the one with the lightning plug downloaded this app the app works except for absolutely no sound silence wonder if its ment to be like this

220. DrMatt
April 15, 2013

I’d like the ability to flush all memory so I can start with a pristine game, no “Resume” and no slots. My workaround for now is to delete and re-download the game.
Love the clock–it’s worth clicking through the hours to discover the Apostle.

221. YURI
June 4, 2013

Trouble on iPad Mini. I Hope for a New Update. When pls?

222. John Frisell
July 14, 2013

Please place the purchase price back on my credit card as your app was downloaded on to my IPad and is not compatible

John Frisell

223. 4110713@mail.ru
July 31, 2013

Добрый день. В описании игры указан русский язык, это обман? Я не разговариваю на английском так что либо перешлите мне перевод, либо верните деньги!!!

224. Erhan Baris
August 14, 2013

I am using IPad4 IOS 7 Beta 5. The Game isn’t rotating while i rotate my ipad. It takes up half the screen. Right and left area is cropped.

225. Maria
August 19, 2013

I have iPad Retina. Will the game work on my device? Answer, please

226. Areaweb51
August 20, 2013

“I am using IPad4 IOS 7 Beta 5. The Game isn’t rotating while i rotate my ipad. It takes up half the screen. Right and left area is cropped.”
Same issue on IOS7 beta 6, the screen is cropped and doesn’t rotate in landscape mode.

227. Oren
August 21, 2013

Also running ios 7 beta 7 with the same problem, can’t get past the second level because of it. Can’t see or walk over to the lamp post to climb it with the screen cropped.

228. Frustrated
August 22, 2013

I am stuck at the bakers. I have tried all suggested fixes, but nothing works. I cannot get the hose to attach. How do I fix this? If I cant fix it, how do I get my money refunded?

229. Snappy
August 24, 2013

I purchased it for both mac desktop and my iPad retina.
Desktop app works fine.

But on my iPad it plays the game in portrait mode and not landscape.
So it actaully cuts parts of the world off.

Any idea what I need to do?

I tried reset ect. But same deal over and over.

Please help I can’t play it.


230. Pete
September 4, 2013

Love the game, however like others I’m running iOS7 beta 6, and are having issues with cropping of the screen to the left and the right which means that I can’t proceeds past the second screen. Please investigate.

231. Mike
September 5, 2013

I can duplicate the ios7 beta 6 issue as previously reported. I didn’t test on earlier beta releases.

232. Doug Davies
September 18, 2013

It hasn’t worked right through all the iOS 7 betas. I reported the portrait mode problem on twitter a while ago to you guys. I tries to display the landscape mode in portrait and cuts the game off.

233. Ilissa
September 18, 2013

Stuck in portrait orientation with sides of screen cut off in iOS 7. Is there a fix?

234. Monica
September 22, 2013

Hi there,
I’m Monica,Moderator of bbs.gao7.com,one of the largest Chinese ios fan communities.
We think your app “Machinarium” is good and we would like to help promote it on our site.
We have more than 100k unique daily visitors,so it will really help promote your app.
So would please provide us some promocodes and its itunes link?
When we have promoted your app,we will give you a feedback.
Hoping to hear from you soon.
Warm Regards,

235. sylvia
September 23, 2013

It’s getting really slow on iOS 7. It’s very hard to play now… Is there an update coming soon?

236. Dorothy Donahey
September 29, 2013

I have an iPad 4 running iOS 7. The second screen of the game is cropped left and there is no light pole for me to proceed past this screen. Warn your potential customers using iOS 7 that there is a bug that needs to be fixed on your App Store display! I want my money back if this isn’t fixed very soon, otherwise this constitutes fraud!

237. Naomi Church
October 2, 2013

Ever since the iOS 7 update, it has not played in landscape mode. It cuts off parts of the game. I have downloaded all the machinarium updates- but nothing has helped. :(

238. Jan
October 13, 2013

Hi, I have IPAD2. I bought Machinarium 1 Year ago ago on my former ipad2 I played it. All was fine. Now I have a new IPAD 2. The Appstore is not showing the download Button (ICloud) . I also cannot rebuy it. There is no button. If I try to install it from iTunes it syncs with Ipad2. It shows the Icon on homescreen saying “INSTALLATION” After that the app completely disapears. In Itunes i can delete it and try again. Same way…it says Installation. After that disapears from Homescreen. Please help

239. Michelle
October 20, 2013

On the screen where a jailer robot is shooting at a target with a gun, I am able to knock him over and steal the bullets, but when I am back in the tunnel underneath him I am no longer able to move left or right. I just seem to be stuck in the tunnel unable to do anything.

240. Cmussi
December 1, 2013

I am stucked in the defusing the bomb room. When i enteredbit the wacuum cleaner was alreday near the chandelier.
I’ve tried to move it following the instruction i found on a walkthrough list
I walk to the switch on the left side of the screen and pull it down 4 times but the wacuum doesn’t move and i cannot take the scissors and proceed.

Do you have any suggestion? Is it a bug or am i doing something wrong?

Thank you

241. milandroid
March 18, 2014

I have exactly the same issue as in the 240th comment. I believe to pull the switch down 4 times means to do it consecutively without stopping. On PC we just use the mouse to drag switch up and down 4 times. But on iPad, the only way to make the switch move is by tapping at it. And each time I tapped on it, the robot only moves the switch once and then stand by. I try to tap on the switch with very high frequency. But the robot would only do once -> standby -> do once -> standby, never continuously.

I hope the team pay attention to us. I love this game and I’ve come so far. Please fix it and let us rescue Joseph’s girlfriend and they will live happily together ever after

242. Robin
March 21, 2014

I am on the lift on the city wall. There is gas in the engine and the star puzzle has been solved (red levers on top, gray levers on bottom) , however, I am not able to lift the lever to take me up. I have an iPad 2. I’m just wondering if this is a known bug. Thank you!

243. miwubai
May 10, 2014

Same as 240+241: vacuum cleaner on exiting elevator already under the chandelier, and seems turned off, not humming or anything. cord doesn’t seem connected, dissapears under carpet, and the electricity box on the right can’t be cicked, everytime i exit to the bathroom. moving lever down doesn’t do anything. whether 4, 8 times in a row…. the cleaner won’t move.

Bummer, Seems to be a bug, i have the iphone version bought a few days ago… runnng it on iphone 5s iOS 7.1.1

244. miwubai
May 11, 2014

UPDATE: on the forum found a comment identical problem: SOLVED:

i was following a ‘walkthrough’ and i think after te update of the software the order changed:
as soon as you come out of the elevator the electricity is off, and the FIRST step is to put it on, clicking in the middle of the lower two corners of the electricity box next to the batroom door. if you miss, or are not in handreach of the box, you’ll end up going into the bathroom… so this makes finding the right spot to click tricky!

now i can continue!

245. Anonymous
June 28, 2014

Hi, I couldnt move with an object while I was saving a dog so I just started the game from the beginning (nothing worked, neither restarting iPad). Now I got out from the lift and I’m really angry because. I can’t move with a robot (it’s the thing you have to get to the other room)!!!!

246. DrMatt
July 3, 2014

Current rev is great. The highlighting of inventory objects when they’re active really answers some of the complaints about the fairness of the play.
It looks like saved games and slots are stored using Game Center as the cloud. I’d like to save my achievements but delete my last game and all my slots. The closest I”ve found to that is to delete all Game Center data when uninstalling and re-installing the software–and that loses all my achievements.
Nonetheless, I might go ahead and do it, as I’m not competing with anybody.
I’d also welcome an option to switch to Czech, as part of learning a little Czech, beyond “Dobry den” :)

247. Byan
September 23, 2014

Downloaded Machinarium for iPad 2 but the sound does not work. Please help.

248. vad
November 2, 2014

how i can delete all my saves? when i reinstall game, they will stay after start new game
need fix, because have problem with game center and achievements

249. Pascal
December 16, 2014

Hello, just bought the game for Ipad 4, ios 6, it won’t even open! I Tap to start it, it starts, then it goes back to the home screen. PLEASE HELP!!!

250. Anonymous
December 30, 2014

This game is awesome but in some stage I have graphics problem stage is became white I have micromax a90s mobile os is 4.0 Plz solve the problem

251. Anonymous
January 26, 2015

I have an I-pad 2 and it won’t let me combine items in the jail cell level. It’s very frustrating as I paid $5 when I saw that it had good reviews…

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