Finally, the release date of Floex‘s new album Zorya is near, and you’ve got the chance to pre-order the album as of today! The collection of 11 songs packaged in digipack CD flawlessly designed by Jirka Libansky comes out on September 26th. The album is released by Minority Records in cooperation with Amanita Design. Every CD preorder & order via Minority Records online shop comes with 1″ Zorya button.

Pre-order CD and LP at Minority Records while MP3/FLAC at If you go for it, maybe you will get some special advantages!

Also starting September 12th, I’m putting every day one track from the album on  Floex Facebook / Soundcloud  page. This is full preview and the stream will stay on my page even after the album release.

Check out the first song!

01 Ursa Major by Floex

1. Dmytro Slyusar
September 14, 2011

Oh God, amazing!!!

2. a
September 17, 2011

hello, I’ve puchased machinarium from Mac App Store, and after flash player actualization(or system actualization – I don’t know what make this problem) ALL of my saves were gone! :( please fix this bug – ex. place the saves folder with place not strictly-connected to the flash player.

3. ggAmmA
September 17, 2011

Thank you for your space music, this one from mind, this one from heart, this one from imperceptible sensation, T H X // stay hight from feet to hair ;) & music is all from human being .

4. Adara
January 15, 2012

my god… your music makes my soul flies away.. into de deep of tones

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