It took us some time to port the game for this little tablet but it’s finally finished and available for purchase at BlackBerry App World.
Another version of Machinarium for Android tablets should be ready soon.


1. MikeQuell
November 22, 2011

Oh, yea! Can you make sure this bad boy is compatible for the Sony Tablet S? I’ve been waiting for this one. Thanks, guys!

2. Oldes
November 23, 2011

We have a working Android version, but so far we are a little bit limited as we are from country which is not on the list of supported locations for merchants:

Another issue with Android Market is, that it has 50MB limit per app, which can be probably enhanced, but we don’t know how yet. But what I’ve seen, the app was running fine on Sony Tablet S.

3. karen
January 9, 2012

Please make more software available for the Blackberry Playbook! This game looks beautiful and works wonderfully on it. Kudos to you guys for a very cool app.

4. mike
January 9, 2012

Than you, thank you, thank you…and wish you many other (alike) games;

5. Thiesi
January 15, 2012

Hey guys,

I saw Machinarium in BlackBerry AppWorld a couple of weeks back bought it right away because of its low price. I had never played the PC version because I thought it was a bit pricey & I also had a couple other adventures to play at that time.

However, I only started playing Machinarium on the PlayBook a couple of days ago, & I must say I absolutely love it! The drawing is so beautiful, the music is great to say the least, the story is brilliant, and all the tiny little details (for instance the dog and the bird that steals the piece from the jigsaw puzzle) are fascinating! I will now definitely buy the Collerctor’s Edition for the PC.

Thanks for porting such a great game to the PlayBook (a platform in serious need of software support), & thanks for making such a great game in the first place. You guys have shown that it doesn’t take hundreds of people and a budget of $$$ in order to produce a truly remarkable piece of entertainment. I wish you all the best for your future!

Bye, K&K,

6. Jay
January 18, 2012

Will there be any chance for Machinarium be available on Galaxy Tab 10.1? I have already waited for it for 1 quarter….

7. Sandy
January 30, 2012

When will you have an android app for this game. I bought it for PC but want a copy for the tablet as well.


8. Miro Hrončok
April 12, 2012

The Android problem might be solved

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