Relax, it’s just the cover, not the game yet (which is coming soon as you already know). Do you like the picture? If not we can still change it. We were also thinking about plain grey page with a small black title but Jára said it could be a bit boring and created this one in his spare time.


1. dezzo
March 3, 2012

very nice! I love your work! can’t wait for it to come out…

2. Lamkin
March 3, 2012

Love the picture. Don’t change a thing. =o)

3. ucrainec
March 3, 2012

Ничего так !Космос!!!

4. jag0riii
March 3, 2012

Great cover!

5. Toneless Bombast
March 3, 2012

Hi, its a great cover! Perhaps you write botanicula in a different darker colour to make your cover letter stand out from the rest? so its more an eye catcher… kind regards

6. Titus
March 3, 2012

Of course I like it ! Hope it can be released soon !

7. yaraisety
March 3, 2012

That’s really wonderful….amazing!I’m gonna cry.
Thank you all so much for what you’ve paid for it.
Love you,Amanita.

8. Early
March 3, 2012

Can we see both of them? This one is really not bad. It looks more like an artwork instead of a cover thou.

9. IgloopIraMayAa
March 3, 2012

This looks wonderful for a cover art! I usually get picky, but this is lovely and fun!

10. lerunda
March 3, 2012

Botanicularrrr! It´s fantastic!

11. Alex
March 3, 2012

Love it! But, if I may… “Amanita Design” should be in a larger font and in the lower right corner.

12. Julian
March 3, 2012

I love it! I agree with Alex though, ‘Amanita Design’ should be in
a larger font and in the lower right corner. On the other hand, I
really like the idea of Amanita’s mushroom coming out of the tree,
so maybe you could add a branch to the lower right corner as well?

I would not change the color of ‘Botanicula’. The font could be a bit
bigger, but in my eyes it’s already clear and eye-catching and making
it darker would decrease that. And please no plain grey with a black title :)

Why does the parasite have some sort of eye here? I never
noticed one having eyes in any of the concept arts or videos…

13. Julian
March 3, 2012

Nevermind, I just remembered that the giant parasite of the teaser trailer has an eye :)

14. dip
March 3, 2012

its great!

15. Danila
March 4, 2012


16. Toast
March 4, 2012

It’s beautiful! Don’t change anything, please!

17. marc
March 4, 2012

Hey pepole, did you noticed Polokonzerva spaceship? :)

18. junior
March 4, 2012

Samorost spaceship at the bottom!

19. chief
March 4, 2012

Polokonzerva, yay :) still looking for a Machinarium reference, can’t find any though.

20. Fien
March 5, 2012

Your lovely cover is already adorning the wall in my computer room. :) I’d ordered the German game Deponia by Daedalic Entertainment and to my delight it came with a Botanicula poster!

21. Corin
March 5, 2012

I feel a little lonely with my opinion. I agree, this artwork looks like fun but I miss the focus. It looks to much like fun and less like art. That’s not what I expected for a Amanita Design game…

22. Ste
March 5, 2012

Shiny, I love it.

Need some color or some dark to “close” top corner(s)

23. Toby
March 5, 2012

One of the best covers i’ve seen. Maybe the logo in one of the bottom corners is a good call, however.

24. Ree
March 6, 2012

Its great but post another cover to more variants

25. Fancypants
March 6, 2012

Very good work! I supose that Botanicula will be a great game :)

26. Vinyla
March 7, 2012

This one expresses the great art of the game))))))))!!! Don’t change it. Waiting for BOTANICULAAAAAAA!

27. Joseph MacKie
March 8, 2012

Wonderful Cover.

28. vinz
March 9, 2012

just a note: I would do it a little “sharper”, with less airbrush effect on it.

29. Are
March 10, 2012

Wow, I’ll definitely be buying this. Also, can’t wait for Samorost 3! You guys are the best.

30. Himlakropp
March 10, 2012

Hahaha, has anyone noticed that the artist sneaked in the “hot-dog-spaceship” from Samorost in the lower left corner? so rad :)
It’s a nice cover, maybe a little to many characters in the picture, though. A cover-art should definitely not be sterile, but neither should it be messy. Bring down the number of things to focus on in the picture and present the title of the game a bit more “monumentally”. I think that would be terrific!
Love Love Love Love Love Love from Himlakropp.

31. Pablo
March 11, 2012

I think what is making the Amanita logo get lost in the middle of the image is, first, it is actualli small. Second, the white branch to the right of it leaves a very tiny space between both things, so the logo gets a little bit lost. And, it it a little too bright.
Maybe darkening the branch would help A LOT. And making the logo a little bit bigger.

Try it, guys.

32. Mike
March 11, 2012

Hey, that’s the spaceship from Samorost at the bottom!! hah :)

33. Mova3d
March 12, 2012

pleaseeeeeeeee guys….Im dying for release…..dont let us more waiting :(((((
its an art masterpiece….your artworks are brilliant….i love them :)
i think you work for creating distincts….not for money…that,s the reason that you have such a nice fan group from all over the from IRAN….many of my friend are talking about machinarium when the topic is adventure games :D…keep going…you are the best :) :X

34. LuCh!
March 12, 2012

It’s defenitley better in color, the games looks wonderfull so the cover should represent that,
only the black walking ball thingy and mostly the thing with the big eye take away the attention a bit too much from the title and the head characters, maybe push them a bit in the background?
they also are the things with less detail in them compared with the rest, maybe replace them by another one? the big eye thingy should be fine with less opacity though = less contrast

loved Machinarium, still one of the greatest games i ever played,
can’t wait to play this one! xD

35. HariboFan
March 14, 2012

It’s a great cover!! :) Hope it’s ready soon

36. HariboFan
March 14, 2012

And on a more aesthethic note:
– the composition is very good
– main characters are presented as well as the antihero
– we get a more detailed idea of the levels layout
– colors are playful, dark and bright at the same time- the same rustic beauty as in machinarium
– the whole picture looks as if it’s grown naturally into place
– the amanita logo just sits there as if it is a simple bystander to the whole concept and yet it’s in the center, just like a backbone to the whole game which takes on a life of its own.

It’s very inspiring guys!

37. Skafsgaard
March 16, 2012

Amazing – don’t change it, and certainly not to just a black on grey.

By the way, is Botanicula coming to Steam?

Keep up the awesome work you’re doing – I can’t wait for the game!

38. Ree
March 16, 2012

There so many comments)))

39. are
March 16, 2012

Haha, all the people here acting like art directors are cracking me up! C’mon, these guys know how to do it! They don’t need advice from every random person browsing their site… just saying!

Just bought and played Samorost 2 through App store. I love your games!

40. Titus
March 16, 2012

It’s the second half of March now ! Hope it can be released soon !

41. katamari157
March 17, 2012

I love the colors and how ‘Botatanicula’ is perfectly integrated into the tree. I would limit the cover to being the spider creature running after the 5 main characters by cutting off the top 10% and bottom 40% of the picture to draw the eyes of the viewer towards the action in the center.

42. IgloopIraMayAa
March 17, 2012

no, please don’t cut those things out
it would simplify the cover too much
I think having the dark hanging bulk creatures and especially
the big eye guy near the top is a good thing

[…] Botanicula Cover Art (Amanita Design) “Relax, it’s just the cover, not the game yet (which is coming soon as you already know).” […]

44. Giorgos Vasileiadis
March 28, 2012

Plain gray wouldn’t attract too much. This cover makes me want to play Botanicula NOW! Also love how discretely the “Amanita Design” is placed in the cover and the mushroom logo is part of the picture in the same style! Great work ;)

45. Villa
April 14, 2012

this picture is nice, but it would be better if you take a some little details away…

46. Dermot Trainor
May 1, 2012

The picture is perfect.

47. Lydia
November 20, 2013

Great, thanks for sharing this article.Really looking forward to read more. Awesome.

48. Alyssa
November 25, 2013

Great tips! Thank you very much!

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