We want to apologize to everybody who pre-ordered Botanicula on GOG.com and GamersGate and now is upset because there’s a bundle for any price. We haven’t much time to take care about business and logistics in last few weeks because we were hard at work on the game fixing hundreads of bugs etc. so we made a mistake and let GOG and GG make pre-orders. We simply didn’t think about it and about the consequences, sorry for that. All the pre-orderers should receive some free bonus stuff from GOG and GG in upcoming hours or days. The bonus bundle will include Machinarium, full Botanicula Soundtrack and Botanicula art book which wasn’t released anywhere else yet. I hope it’s not that terrible deal for $9 you paid to support us so we can continue making independent games, we are very grateful for that!

1. Fabio
April 20, 2012

Hello guys,

I’m very happy that I’ve made the pre-order on GOG.com. Thanks for the extra contents, but in my specifically case the money that I spent are nothing for the great value that Botanicula has shown!


2. Jakub
April 20, 2012

Guys! You don’t need to be sorry. $9 is a fair price for your work. Moreover I can’t wait to listen to the full soundtrack! The demo, and the game itself, are awesome! Thanks.

3. Aerodynamisch
April 20, 2012

No worries whatsoever! I bought the incorrect version at Gamersgate because I was desperate to play the game! When the Humble Bundle deal went live, I went ahead and supported you guys with 20 dollars as well!

I am very happy with the game and although I already finished it, it was worth the wait! Hopefully you guys make good money with the Humble Bundle deal to warrant more games and more platforms!

Amanita Design needs more exposure!

[…] a blog post on their website, Amanita explained the reason for the […]

5. Plausi
April 20, 2012

First of all I would like to thank you for making Botanicula! It was very brave of you to make it pay-what-you-want on the release day. You guys are making indie-game history!

I do not think you need to apologize. Why on earth did people pre-order on GOG anyway, without even knowing how much Amanita would charge for the game? People, buy directly from the developers, cut out the middle man.

6. zack
April 20, 2012

I paid $11 at any price…just didn´t notice the preorder option.

Just continue your great work, i really enjoy the style, the humor and the music of your games!

7. Titus
April 20, 2012

It doesn’t matter ! I’ve bought the game both on Hunble Bundle and GOG ! Just because I love your games ! They brought a lot of fun to me !

8. Richard Swinburne
April 20, 2012

I pre-ordered from GOG and it’s much appreciate the full soundtrack!

Love the game so far, so mellow. Hugely looking forward to Samorost 3! Thanks from Taiwan.

9. Kostis
April 20, 2012

Guys You know what? there are other games that cost 50 euros..and they are just rubbish, things that we have seen them over and over again, what is happening now its unfair…YOURS game should cost like 30 euros, Its an art! and stupid games like them (Will not say names) should cost 10 euros!

10. Rade
April 20, 2012

First, comment @Plausi:
Why do you say that it is strange that people pre-ordered the game? We (who preordered) wanted to show support to Amanita guys, and also to DD sites we regulary use. It makes perfect sense to show your support by funding the game before its release (see Kickstarter).

To Amanita:
How come you say it’s a mistake that you let GG and GoG take preorders? The game was on preorder for weeks on GoG and gave you a lot of exposure. You’ve just undermined the sales on all DD sites (Steam as well) when you decided for HiB bundle. The mistake was to make HiB budle at debut. You should have waited for six more months to give everybody who purchased for full price the sense of exclusivity and value.

By going forward with HiB debut bundle you took the value from the game, especially for those who preordered and for others that payed full price on the site hre.

[…] those who did spend $8.99 on GOG and Gamersgate to pre-purchase the game, Amanita Design thoroughly apologized on the timing and has gracefully included bonuses with your purchase of […]

12. EvanC
April 20, 2012

Been eagerly waiting for Botanicula to be released for some time now, and I must say it really exceedes my expectations.When Im playing it I just can’t stop smiling, it’s weird :D
Preoreded before, and now bought the bundle again to give to friends so they can see what beautiful things exist in the world. Thanks Aminata for your generosity! Here’s a tree (or two:)!

13. Manny
April 20, 2012

As I see it, all you need to do is give out Humble Bundle keys to those who pre-ordered. GOG stepped up their game and even donated $300 to Humble; it’s time for you to step up yours.

[…] a blog post on their website, Amanita explained the reason for the […]

15. Alvi
April 20, 2012

I’m one of those who pre-ordered. As far as I’m concerned, you don’t owe me an apology since your game is easily worth $20. But you owe the guys at GOG a big one for helping to clean up the mess (who even offered Witcher for free to give something extra).

16. jstef
April 20, 2012

OK, now I want to know hot to get the artwork :-)

17. jstef
April 20, 2012

Sorry I mean art book!

18. mveL
April 20, 2012

You dont need to worry about that…

This game is a master piece, much better than that editors out there with highest prices and buggy games as a hell

19. MichiGen
April 20, 2012

No need to be sorry, I can imagine that some people might be a little bit upset about it, but speaking for myself I’m definitely not. Botanicula is awesome game and piece of art, I knew how much I’m paying when I preordered it, and even now if I would not had it preordered I’ll buy it from GOG or buy the bundle for 10$ or more. Keep up doing great games people !

20. qwerty
April 20, 2012

While I think that paying the $10 for the preorder was worth it for the game (regardless of the gamebreaking bugs I’ve encountered…), I do have to admit I’m a little annoyed that the HB comes with a nice linux version while due to my preorder I’m stuck with windows.

21. Tobias
April 20, 2012

I’m cool with this. Actually thinking of buying the Humble Bundle as well – even thought I have all the games on it – just because you’re so awesome and stuff.

22. angus
April 20, 2012

no worry’s!

23. Alvi
April 21, 2012

Just started playing the game. It’s amazing! Well worth the pre-order price I paid for. Sorry if my previous comment sounded harsh.

24. are
April 21, 2012

Absolutely no worries, your pricing has always been reasonable. I hope you all the best and will continue buying your games so you can keep making them! Botanicula is simply brilliant.

25. Hex
April 21, 2012

I’m really really really disappointed :(
I expected a game like machinarium and not a S*** where you have to click like an idiot to solve a puzzle.
The puzzle are really frustating…..no mind….just infernal clicking aroud.
Wasted 5$……Hope your next game will be better.

-1 For amanita

26. mr.Proper
April 21, 2012

hex, something wrong with you, you need go to doctor. Amanita, great work. Jara, you are crazy man)))

27. phroilan
April 21, 2012

I’m stupid. I bought your Humble Bundle, and can’t find the soundtrack or art book anywhere or directions on how to get them. Please enlighten me!

28. stib
April 21, 2012

I didn’t know about the pre-orders, but anyway I paid more than $9 through the Humble Bundle, because my kids and I are such a fans of Samarost and Machinarium.

Well done for supporting Humble Bundle, I hope it works out, and that you do it again!

29. SuperCns
April 21, 2012

Guys u deserve more than 9dol.
This is another masterpiece! :D

I love u guys!!! Botanicula rulez :D

30. piotr szymanski
April 21, 2012


Don’t worry, we love you for the games. Thank you for everything, I hope botanicula brings you good revenue!


31. Astrofra
April 21, 2012

Great game. Great bundle. You guys are genius.

32. Someone
April 22, 2012

And all is right in the world…

Well, except we need Android versions of your games too ;)

33. Sleepinfog.
April 22, 2012

Hey! I need help! I have downloaded the app for mac and it doesn’t works.

34. ND
April 22, 2012

I paid 25$ for the humble bundle and even if it was just botanicula for that price, its well worth it.. love to play more games from you guys <3

35. Oscar
April 22, 2012

Ohmygod I got the humble bundle for just $9! Thank you Amanita Design and Humblebundle.com! I just beat the game and I was so happy my legs fell off. I already finished all of the other games and watched Kooky since I bought it yesterday!

[…] of bugs etc. so we made a mistake and let GOG and GG make pre-orders,” Amanita wrote in a blog post. “We simply didn’t think about it and about the consequences, sorry for that.” […]

37. Inito05
April 23, 2012

Today buy
Thanks amanita design team!

38. Greg
April 24, 2012

Gladly paid $25 on the humble bundle, partly because I was very glad to get Kooky DRM free! That was an awesome inclusion!

Anyway, played through the game this weekend and it was really enjoyable and whimsical. You guys should all be proud!

39. Oki
April 24, 2012

The only reason why I didn’t pre-ordered Your game is that I wanted Linux build and neither gog nor gamersgate sells this version. Obviously it turned out that waiting was a great decision. :]

40. bgthigfist
April 24, 2012

I saw a preview of Machinarium and pre-ordered that game for I think $17 and was so happy when it finally released. After seeing the preview of Botanicula on Rock Paper Shotgun, I tried to find a preorder for Botanicula, but was unsuccessful. I ended up seeing a post on Reddit when the game released and paid $10 for the bundle, even though I already have the other games. I love what you guys do and can’t wait for more!

41. bgthigfist
April 24, 2012

@qwerty don’t be a hater. just get the Humble bundle for a dollar since you already paid for it once, and get another copy in Linux!

42. max
April 24, 2012

Awesome games! We want the t-shirt!

43. hungariangirl
April 26, 2012

I paid more than $9 for the Humble Bundle but I don’t mind, as someone already said Botanicula is much more beautiful and original than many boring generic games on the market for double or triple that price! I’m just a bit sad because I’d have loved to see the artbook too, is there any way to get that somewhere?
You did nothing wrong, the HB and the environmental cause are both amazing ideas and I hope you’ll continue to make such lovely games <3

44. jstef
April 26, 2012


Go back to the link you downloaded Humble Bundle from and you will find a lot of bonuses, including artwork ;)

45. hungariangirl
April 27, 2012

Thanks jstef! :) I checked the blog today and was really happy to see the artwork now being included! Amanita are spoiling us rotten :)

46. Seyhan
April 27, 2012

Oh dear oh dear they even put Zorya in the bonuses.. I love you guys…

47. Conroe electrician
August 17, 2012

The only reason why I didn’t pre-ordered Your game is that I wanted Linux build and neither gog nor gamersgate sells this version. Obviously it turned out that waiting was a great decision. :]

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