Amanita Design and Hothead Games have partnered to announce the launch of Machinarium for Android, including Google Play, Amazon’s Kindle Fire and the NOOK App™ store.

Machinarium is
available now on Google Play, and will be released this week on Barnes & Noble’s critically acclaimed NOOK Tablet™ and NOOK Color™, both versions priced $3.99. The game will also be available through the Amazon Appstore for Kindle Fire later this month.

The game is compatible with Android tablet devices, and a selection of large-screen Android phones. Please check Google Play Store for details.

1. thomas
May 15, 2012


please please please release more hd wallpapers from machinarium. I love them on my pc.


[…] the original post: Machinarium Now Available for Android Tablets— Amanita Design … ch_client = "danielshifflett"; ch_width = 468; ch_height = 60; ch_type = "mpu"; ch_sid = "Chitika […]

3. Walter Walker III
May 18, 2012

A few months ago I paid for the full version on your website and it works pretty well on my PC. Will I also be able to download the android version to my tablet?

4. Esa Abdulwahab
May 19, 2012

I downloaded this game to my htc one x just to find that it. Does not play full screen. Support us please

5. Lucy lulubelle
May 19, 2012

Just wanted to stay I absolutely love this game but mainly for its beautiful graphics! Love it :-)

6. graFF
May 21, 2012

Adobe AIR based?

7. Darkam
May 21, 2012

Just bought it and.. wow it’s really an amazing game, I love this univers! Very amazing works guys, can’t wait for Machinarium 2 (please please make one ! :))

8. Nathan Smith
May 21, 2012

Does not fill the entire screen on Galaxy Nexus – black empty area on top, bottom, and both sides. Any chance of a fix?

9. Michael
May 25, 2012

Unfortunately my devices (HTC Desire HD and Aldi Lifetab) are not supported yet :( although they meet the prequesites (Android version, screen resoulution) When will this be updated? Is there currently a way to install the game anyhow?

10. Bea
May 27, 2012


Thank you very much for all the efforts and the hard work on this, you’re a great team full of creativity!!

Best wishes.

11. sandra
June 9, 2012

Love it! Waiting for Machinarium 2:)

12. John H.
June 10, 2012

I’m afraid we’ll have to wait for a couple more years for the sequel. Jakub Dvorský (one of the developers) mentioned that they were still considering it. Cheers! John at

13. Ricko
June 18, 2012

Great game. I’ll buy later no doubt :)
Wainting for Botanicula too lol

14. XRZang
July 1, 2012

it s a very good game, and i had already bought machinarium at apps store, and may i also download to my pc or i had to buy again?

15. jorkatod
July 9, 2012

it’s not full screen with my galaxy note! fix it pls..

16. Sofia
July 19, 2012

It looks fantastic! Too bad I don’t have a notepad yet :(

17. Susan
August 3, 2012

I have played and finished Machinarium. I have to say that the whole game was really well done. I loved the music and the animation! I am looking forward to trying out your two other games. I think that you guys really know how to make a worthwhile video game! :-)

18. Jello-Vera
August 3, 2012

Machinarium is by far my most favourite game ever! PLease make more games just like this.

19. Julie Weisberger
August 3, 2012


20. Nina
August 8, 2012

The best game…EVER!
I love everything about it! My boyfriend agrees…we’re already longing for a nr.2 :)
Bought Botanicula today. Looking forward to trying it. Keep up the GREAT work, guys! <3
//Nina in Denmark

21. Steven
August 14, 2012

I bought Machinarium for PC and I want to buy it again for my Nexus 7 and PlayStation 3 but it’s not available on either of those … yet, right?

Can’t wait for Nexus 7 support and the 1080p ultimate Machinarium experience on PS3!

22. vikar
August 27, 2012

Sorry, but why there isn’t Machinarium for HTC incredible s?

23. vikar
August 27, 2012

Sorry, but why there isn’t Machinarium for HTC incredible s ?

24. Antonis Tsagaris
October 13, 2012

I want to get this for my Nexus 7 so bad. I have already bought the game twice (both for PC) but I think that it’s going to rock on a tablet.

25. johnbowick1
January 25, 2013

The tablets are the best android tablets in the whole world. Their Specification are very nice . They are very easy to use. I just love this.

[…] Brněnská Amanita vydala svou novinku nejprve přes Humble Bundle, kde se nakonec pre-release verze v balíku s Machinariem, Samorostem 2 a Kukym prodalo přes 92 tisíc kusů. Část z výdělku šla na neziskovku World Land Trust. Botaniculu si nyní můžete koupit přímo na oficiálním webu, na Steamu, nebo třeba Mac Appstoru. Vedle toho Amanita také spustila Android verzi Machinaria. […]

27. hilal
March 15, 2013

i downloaded game but i says “license check failed”

28. Velisha
March 24, 2013

Hey Guys…
i bought me a new Samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0…
i cant find machinarium in the play store…i am going crazy! isnt the tab compatible with machinarium for andoid? omg..heeeeeeelp meeeee…:(((

29. Chris
May 2, 2013

Why is it available in the Play store for my SG S3 but I can’t find it in the Play Store for my Kindle Fire?

30. Isabelle
May 20, 2013

Enjoyed playing the demo (on my iMac) but what I really want before I buy the full version is to be able to play this on my Kindle Fire HD. When oh when is this going to be available?

31. Darin
June 12, 2013

I would LOVE to play this game on my KindleFire HD – but we don’t have access to Google Play on a non-rooted device, is there any way we could buy direct from yourselves or tell us how to install & play on our devices that are listed as compatible. Please!

32. robert thompson
June 19, 2013

This is an awesome game and it used to work beautifully on my HP Touch pad with CM9. Then one day, sadly, it stopped showing me the bottom inch or so of the screen so I can no longer play. What happened. What can I do to get it working again ?

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July 4, 2013

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34. beth
August 3, 2013

How do I get this on my kindle fire? I can’t figure it out!

35. Ken
August 16, 2013

just bought it and it doesn’t work for hp slatebook x2, too bad looks good.

36. Annabelle
November 20, 2013

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