Machinarium is finally available also on Windows Phone, Windows RT and Windows 8 tablets and PCs.
It has pinch-to-zoom feature, achievements (4 brand new exclusively for Windows platforms) and the tablet/PC version has support for both touch and mouse control.

1. pepito
April 15, 2014

A doubt: If I pay for the Windows Phone app, have I to pay again to enjoy in my Windows 8.1 on desktop?

2. fan
April 15, 2014

This is great. Please update your web sites showing that it’s available for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. How will people know that this cool game is available if your homepage doesn’t even have links to the Windows Phone or Windows app in the store?

3. AD
April 17, 2014

is it a new version? or the same one i finished 2/3 years ago??
i really loved it. i really expect Machinarium 2 to come out soon.

4. Alex
April 17, 2014

@pepito, I’m pretty sure you’ll have to pay for each. (I can’t think of a phone app you can use on your desktop)

@fan, Amanita Design are probably waiting for rock stable versions before updating their homepage. Have you ever visited the Amanita Design Forum? We’re less picky there; link to WP – since version 1.0 – has been there for weeks. ;)

@ad, Same game, new platform. Machinarium2 is not even in the pipeline yet; first comes Samorost3 in 2015.

5. udo
April 18, 2014

I’ve been looking for some good game to play on 1020 Lumia. thanks!

6. Joe
April 23, 2014

I would love to play this game, and I’ve heard it is really awesome. I have both a Windows Phone and a Windows tablet, so I’m wondering if it will be published as a universal app so I purchase it once for all my Windows devices.


7. FloexFan
April 24, 2014

Good on you! I hope Samorost3 is going well and the Amanita Design team is very happy.

8. azarro
May 6, 2014

Hi, Machinarium for RT is a great news, but do I have to pay again if I have it in my Humble bundle library?

[…] £ Sterling […]

10. arun
May 23, 2014


Is the windows phone version is also developed using Flash ? I learned from your article for iOS (joining swfs).. I would like to learn how it was ported to windows phone..

Thank you very much…

Thanks & Regards,

11. johnatan
January 11, 2015

I extremely agree with @arun! Blog post about porting game from flash game to platform without flash is great idea.

12. Riahabh
January 22, 2015

Completed Machinarium on iPad mini,windows XP,lumia1320,still want more…..when are you guys bringing machinarium 2???I just love this game….this game has become my life and part of my everyday routine…i have to play this game every morning before I start my day….i appreciate and love u guys for such an awesome creation weather its the music or the graphics…..i love “mr.handagote” and “by the wall” from the soundtrack…..Thank You Tomas Dvorak…i will never forget u guys before the end of my life….u gave me what I needed.thank u so muchhhhhhh :)

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