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The game was released on PSN Europe a month ago and now it’s finally coming also to SCEA region (October 9th) and Asia (October 18th). On PSN Europe the game was already downloaded by more than one hundred thousand players with the average rating 92%. The price is $9.99.

We are also working hard on PS Vita version but we have no idea when it will be released.

Machinarium for PS3 is the best version of the game so far (we call it the Ultimate Edition), featuring many improvements like zoom, magnetic hotspots, trophies and more.
The price is 7.99€ / £6.49 and it’s free for Playstation Plus subscribers now! The game will be soon released also in USA and other territories. VITA version is in the works but it’s not confirmed yet.

If you have Samsung Galaxy Nexus, S3, HTC One or other Android smartphone with resolution 1280×720 or bigger, you can finally enjoy the game at full screen. It’s still a bit small but definitely playable if you have sharp eyes and fingers. Get the game on Google play.

Amanita Design and Hothead Games have partnered to announce the launch of Machinarium for Android, including Google Play, Amazon’s Kindle Fire and the NOOK App™ store.
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It took us some time to port the game for this little tablet but it’s finally finished and available for purchase at BlackBerry App World.
Another version of Machinarium for Android tablets should be ready soon.


We just reduced the price of Machinarium on our website from $20 to $10. You’ll still get Windows, Mac and Linux version of the game as well as the original Soundtrack from Tomáš ‘Floex’ Dvořák. Watch for iPad2 version on App Store this Thursday!

We have finally submitted the game for Apple’s approval last night. The release date is now set on September 8th. Unfortunately, the game needs quite a lot of memory and fast CPU so it works well only on iPad 2. However there are no compromises in this version and it looks great on tablet. We apologize to all iPad 1 owners!
We are also working on Android version for capable Android tablets and also on RIM’s Playbook version.


It’s starting to be a bit boring to test Machinarium on iPad over and over again, but the good news is the game is almost finished and ready for submitting!

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Demo of PS3 version of Machinarium at the Sony booth at E3. The game will be available on PSN this fall.

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