Botanicula and other four great games are now part of the new Humble Weekly Sale Bundle. Don’t miss Thomas Was Alone which is overall fantastic and Amnesia, possibly the most creepy game ever made. Part of the money also goes to charity: water.


Machinarium for PS Vita is already available on PSN at SCEA region for a few weeks and now is finally coming also to SCEE, priced at €5.99. Read the full article on EU PlayStation Blog.

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We’re thrilled to be bringing our acclaimed adventure title Machinarium to PS Vita. When the PS3 version was released, we called it the best version of the game. In it, we added lots of new features — like the ability to zoom in to get a closer look at the scene, magnetic hotspots, Trophies and more.
The Vita version makes no compromises. In fact, it’s even better! It includes all the enhancements from the PS3 version, but we’ve added some new features to complement PS Vita’s capabilities. You can now control the game not only with the system’s analog sticks and buttons, but also directly with your fingers on the touch screen and rear touch panel. We’ve improved the zoom feature too, so it’s more convenient to play the game in a portable capacity.

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Botanicula earned Game of the Year 2012 Award at (great webiste for casual and indie games). the game also won the Best of 2012 award in the Indie Adventure category. thanks for voting for us!

You can finally pre-order our plush friend Robot Josef, proud citizen of Machinarium. The first batch of 100 pieces is ready and more robots will be available soon.

Botanicula won the Best Story/World Design Award at Indiecade Red Carpet Awards last night – hurray!

The game was released on PSN Europe a month ago and now it’s finally coming also to SCEA region (October 9th) and Asia (October 18th). On PSN Europe the game was already downloaded by more than one hundred thousand players with the average rating 92%. The price is $9.99.

We are also working hard on PS Vita version but we have no idea when it will be released.

Warning: MASSIVE SPOILER AHEAD!! Watch this music video only if you have already played Botanicula. Enjoy;)

Botanicula has been nominated for Golden Joystick Awards 2012 in Best Downloadable Game category. There are some really great games among the nominees. You can also vote:)