Amanita Design Privacy Policy

We don’t collect any anonymous or personal data / information from any of our games on any platform.

We don’t use any in-app purchases and we don’t place any advertisements in our games.

We only use official Google Play, Apple App Store, Amazon Appstore, Steam, PlayStation Store and Windows (Phone) Store services for achievements, leaderboards / rankings and cloud save functions in our games.

Through Amanita Design website Contact form (in About section) we collect names and email addresses solely for the purpose of replying to each request.

Through Samorost3 website “Sign up for updates” form we collect email addresses solely for the purpose of sending newsletters concerning Samorost3 game. You can unsubscribe using unsubscribe link in every newsletter you receive from us.

We manage our own Press list with collected names and email addresses of journalists and reviewers solely for the purpose of sending newsletters concerning our games. You can unsubscribe by contacting us using Contact form in About section on Amanita Design website.

We use Google Analytics on our websites.

We don’t use cookies on our websites except for Forum section of Amanita Design website.

Our merchandising store uses separate Privacy Policy.

Forum placed on our website uses separate Privacy Policy.
We don’t use forum users’ personal information for any purposes except for forum management.


This is our Privacy Policy exception for the Chinese app market and builds of our games distributed there by our publisher East2West, China mobile carriers or by other app distributing channels.

In China (PRC), versions of our games are accompanied or bundled with software provided by 3rd parties. These 3rd party software vendors are for example Chinese mobile network operators (China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom) and our China publisher the East2West company (

The added software is primarily intended for China payment processing (SMS payments and such) and to show mobile carrier's advertisements (carrier ads in the game's splash screen or inside the exit app dialog), however these game builds might contain some additional code for user tracking, usage statistics and similar services that reports this data back to the particular China game publisher.

Amanita Design therefore can't state clearly our Privacy Policy considerations over these special Chinese market versions and you should please contact East2West publisher or Chinese mobile carriers to see their Privacy Policies, please contact China publisher directly if you have any further inquiries.