Amanita Design Privacy Policy

We don’t collect any personal data / information from any of our games on any platform.

We don’t use any in-app purchases (except for Chinese Android stores) and we don’t place any advertisements in our games.

We only use official Google Play, Apple App Store, Amazon Appstore, Steam, PlayStation Store and Windows (Phone) Store services for achievements, leaderboards / rankings and cloud save functions in our games.

Through CHUCHEL website “Mailing List” form we collect email addresses solely for the purpose of sending newsletters concerning CHUCHEL game. You can unsubscribe using unsubscribe link in every newsletter you receive from us.

We manage our own Press list with collected names and email addresses of journalists and reviewers solely for the purpose of sending newsletters and review offers of our games. You can unsubscribe by contacting us using Contact form.

We use Google Analytics on our websites.

We don’t use cookies on our websites.

We use separate Privacy Policy for our Merchandise Store and our Contact form.